Graduation Was Great<3

It was absolutely amazing to see my boyfriend after 8 1/2 weeks! I missed him so much and it was wonderful to see him and spend time with him. I cannot even begin to describe how it felt to be in his arms again and hug and kiss him. The whole no PDA thing sucks but oh well. To all who have yet to go to their airman's BMT graduation..don't miss it. It's fantabulous! I'd give anything to be with my airman right now..saying goodbye is extremely hard..I think that is the one thing in life that will never get any easier; goodbyes.
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2 Responses Jan 13, 2013

Maybe another stupid question but what should I wear to my airman's graduation?

anything really, it was basically just casual

I have a silly PDA ok off base? Or just not while they're in their uniforms?

no pda at all on or off base