And He's Off!

Boyfriend is flying to San Antonio *today* to start BMT! So excited and so proud of him, but also gonna miss him so much. Wondering if anyone has some tips on letters and what to do to keep yourself from being an emotional wreck while they're gone? I know to write about your day and stuff, but is there anything fun you've found to write about? Any games to play between the letters? Also, he's alternating calls between me and his parents, but I'm afraid of what to do if he calls me and I'm at work or in a class (4 year university with a no phone tolerance policy in class). Help??
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2 Responses Jan 15, 2013

I would draw stick figures to make him laugh lol I wouldn't get too mushy or lovey in my letters because I didn't want to make it hard on him so I always kept them positive and told him how good he was doing. I told him what was going on back at home and say some inside jokes. He always asked for pictures of me, I think I only sent him one but he loved it. I also kept him up to date on sports and during his time there it was march madness so I'd always send him updated championship brackets. I missed a call or two, but he always left a nice message. If you miss it at least you'll have a really cute message to listen to over and over again =)

Good luck

When my fiancé left out for bmt I was and still am attending 4 university with the same no cell phone tolerance but a lot of professors if you talk to them before hand and let them know your situation would understand. They did for me. :)