Communication Withdrawl

Ugh. My boyfriend left one week ago and I miss him
So much. I haven't heard from him since he called his mom to give her the address. Haven't gotten any letters either. I waste so much time just wondering when he will call and thinking about what he is doing. This sucks so much. If the rest of bmt continues at the pace this first week has.. It'll seem like years until graduation. Any advice from anyone?
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2 Responses Jan 15, 2013

Honestly the best thing to do is to keep busy. Go out with friends, spend time with family, write, take an art class thats offered in the community, and read too. You just have to find something that can take your mind away from him even if its only for 30 minutes it will help alot

Hey! Yeah, for me the first week was really rough. It's the unknown that scared me more than anything. I hated not being able to check in on him, see how he was doing, etc. He can call any day at any time, but most likely it'll be Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Just keep your phone close whenever you can, especially on the weekends. Don't be offended if he calls his mom first though, the best thing to do is be supportive of whatever he wants right now so he doesn't have added stress worrying about a relationship. Throughout all of BMT, I think I got about 10 or 15 letters. They don't have much time to write, and I know my boyfriend had to give up time preparing for his inspections to write to me. So look forward to the spontaneity of the makes it fun to check the mailbox! But more than anything, keep your head up. I cried, I missed him constantly, and it just sucked. But as you adapt, you'll be more used to it, and it'll be almost weird talking to him everyday once he's out. Do you get to go to graduation? I'm starting this blog about my whole experience with it, maybe it'd be helpful to you! Feel free to message me on there or on this website with any questions, or if you just need someone to talk to.

Thanks so much!! I'm going to graduation so I will definetly check that out! I hope you have fun at it :)