Missing Him...

Hey everyone! Just joined this today after visiting the site a few times.. Hoping it will help me with this process. My boyfriend left for basic almost two weeks ago now. A little background on us; Grew up next door neighbors all our lives, were very close when we were little, grew up and grew apart, over the summer he started working at the same place as me, decided to take our relationship to the next level after so many years.. and it ended up getting serious even though we didn't plan for it to. We've only been together for about 4 months now and it was really hard deciding what our relationship would be after he left. We talked a lot about it back and fourth, he kept saying he didn't want to hold me back from living and put me in this situation. I told him it was either be with him and try to make it work, or be alone and wish I was with him. I haven't heard from him yet, hoping I get a letter sometime soon though. He did call his parents on Sunday, and his younger brother told me he would get a 10 minute phone call every Sunday. Its just hard missing him all the time. I'm sad majority of the time and usually don't feel like doing much. Hoping it gets easier soon...
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I know exactly how you feel! It's definitely rough but if you guys truly care for each other you will work it out. My boyfriend has been in basic for almost 5 weeks and it has only made our relationship grow stronger. It stinks that it had to happen this way but I think it's safe to say it's worth it in the end. Stay strong!

It will get easier. I'm sure you have heard this A LOT but keep busy, find hobbies, do things with your friends that you wouldn't usually do because you were spending time with him and when you get those calls it will be one of the best moments in your life.

I work two job and go to school so I usually am busy, it helps.. It's just the nights that gets really lonely and random times during the day when I'm thinking about him. Everyone says it will get a lot easier after BMT so I'm really hoping that's the case! Thanks for the support everyone, it means a lot!

My boyfriend left Jan. 2nd and I have gotten only one call since then. But I know exactly how you feel

Hopefully we both hear more soon!

I promise it will get easier my boyfriend has been gone for 5 weeks now and you will be surprised how the time will fly by for me it feels like just yesterday i was seeing him off and in 3 weeks i get to see him graduate. if youever need to talk or have queastions just send me a message

Thank you! I think it gets a little better everyday.. I just wish I knew more about what was going on/going to happen. And same to you, I'm always available if you need someone to talk to!