Air Force Engagement

I'm recently engaged to my amazing airman. We are thinking about just a quick wedding at the court house and then a couple months later having a big celebration were I can have the dress and the reception back in our home town with our familes. The thing that really suck is his base is about 8 hours from me, here in our home town. And I miss him like crazy! But absents has defiantly made the heart grow fonder. We already have been looking at places to rent for after I get married fairly close to his. base I'm super excited and can't wipe this silly grin from my face! :)
NoelHolpp NoelHolpp
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1 Response Jan 16, 2013

This is exactly what my Airman and I want to do! He doesn't know where his base is yet but we want to live together and have me finish schooling online. Good luck to you and your Airman!!