I Need Some Help. What Do You Think?

So my airman is currently in Korea. He's been there a little over a week and his orders are for a year. Mid-tour he wants to come home. (Can't wait!) he already has orders for 3 years in Germany after Korea. Considering the two tours are back to back, his orders will probably be written up by thanksgiving time. We want to get married before Germany.
We wanted to know if anyone knew the way that works..? Do you have to be married before your orders are written up so your spouse can go with you? Or can the orders be amended?

Also, we're not engaged yet. But he'll be getting down on his knee as soon as he comes home for mid-tour. If we get married during his mid tour leave to avoid problems with amending his orders, would it be weird for us to send out invitations to the wedding before we're even engaged? Because that would need to be done around march or may at the latest and he won't be home until July...
What do you think?
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1 Response Jan 17, 2013

You can always be added to his orders, no worries =) You might have to go after him and meet him there though.

As far as the invitations, I say go for it. Your friends and family know you're in a military relationship so it's going to be a little bit different. If you don't feel comfortable you could always send out "Save The Date" cards first and then your invitations.

Hope this helps a little bit =)