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So my boyfriend left for BMT last Tuesday in Lackland Texas and I have gotten his address but no phone call :( I am PRAYING that he gets to call today! I have been so depressed and down that its just what I need to get my week going. I have such a long week of work that I am afraid that if I don't get that phone call today, that I will miss it next week! I don't care if the call is only 5 minutes as long as I can hear his voice and know that he is ok! Can anyone tell me when they got their first actual call and what days they actually were?!
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I got a call from my boyfriend about 2 and a half weeks into BMT! Don't worry about it, it's really hard at first, but keep yourself occupied and the 8 1/2 weeks will fly by:) And he will most likely call on a weekend! That's when my boyfriend called!

Oh boy! Two and a half weeks is not what I want to hear for sure! Did you get letters before that??

Well the first couple times he called his parents! Which I was totally fine with:) But they do get a call during the first weeks! So you may get a call!! It all depends on how his flight is! And no he sent out his first letters the day that he called actually! You'll get a phone call, don't worry about it:)

When my guy was in BMT he called most Sunday's. Don't worry it'll happen =)

I was hoping for a call today and that didn't happen :/ Im really disappointed and terrified that im gonna miss his call this week while im at work

If you do miss it, you'll have a really cute and sweet voice mail to listen to over and over again until the next call =)

I hope you receive the call though!

I know I made sure he knew to leave me a voice mail! I hope I get the call as well! Its all I need to get me through my long week! Just to know hes ok and hes adapting

Totally understandable! The first call is always hard, my guy was really emotional. After that though they get easier and they tell you more of what they've been up to and what not.

I am hoping after all this that my guy can committ! I don't know if I can handle not seeing him for months or even years at a time! I love him and weve been together for awhile but I don't think my heart can take it! I already cant focus on anything now and it hasn't even been a full week! How many weeks did it take before it sped up??

At about two weeks it became regular but there was a time or two when I didn't get a call on Sunday but it happened later in the week. Commit how so? marriage? No worries it's very unlikely you'll go years without seeing him. You can always visit and he can take leave to come home =)

Yes, marriage! lol Idk, I just think it would be really hard esp with his job. He is an aircraft load master so wherever a plane goes, he goes! Also, Im in school and hes def my motivator. I would rather be with him!
P.S no phone call yesterday or today! But even at work I convinced them that I HAD to have my phone on me! Not missing that phone call for sure!

He'll call for sure just keep your phone near by always! I'm glad you could convince your work!

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Hey! My boyfriend left for Lackland the 8th and I didn't have a phone call from him until the 15th...but I missed them. He called Wednesday at 7 pm. It's kinda an awkward time In my opinion. I was in my lab when he called so I didn't get to talk with him. I heard he has a good flight so hopefully he get a call today! If not i hope sometime this week :) I would expect your bf will call sometime during the week but with training you never know! So just keep your phone by you at all times..or you'll miss it like me!

I'm def going to miss it during the week because of work :( im working awkward times right during the day mon-thursday which sucks really bad and just makes me not wanna go in for sure! But its the only thing that keeps me busy! I wish they all had a set date to call because I did hear that a lot of them get calls on sundays and I wish that was the case! I just know that im gonna miss his call and its gonna break my heart but I know he will leave a short voicemail anyway. Hes in TRS 323/ FLt 212!