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Hey girls! I was just curious if basic training alters personalities. I know it's a physically and mentally draining 2 months. Do they come back abusive?
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Its after the deployments you have to worry about. I'm with a military police officer with 2 tours and he's very temperamental. Its really draining the relationship. I hope everything is working out for you!

The air force is a lot about respect so I am sure if your relationship is solid you will have nothing to worry about.
Trust, love, and communication. Best three things to focus on.

I've never personally had experience with anyone coming out of BMT abusive or controlling. My guy was more out going and less shy when he was done with BMT but nothing bad as far as how he treated me. We would get into arguments while he was in tech school about him going out or not paying enough attention to me but we resolved them.

Oh ok well that's good thanks! :)

No problem! They're usually about the same as they go in.

Ok good. I like hs goofiness and ill be so sad if the military changes that!

My best friends husband is in the air force and he told me that it just takes a couple of weeks or even a month for them to get use to being civilians again. They are so use to following the same routine every day and having to abide by certain rules that they forget how to act in the outside world. He said it only took him but like two weeks or so to get back into being a regular human being rather than following specific rules by MTIs

Do they become controlling? I'm nervous about the change is all.

I don't see that my friends husband is controlling and I am living with them! lol He seems more short tempered but hes very sweet and all. He told me that if they really love you, that basic and being away from you only makes them realize how much they truly love and care for you! Just write them everyday, tell him you love him, miss him, and how proud you are of him! I know its hard not to think about the negatives and what ifs cause I do it as well!

Damn im just really nervous of a change from him is all.

Me too! but there is nothing you can really do it about it if it does happen. Just cross your fingers, pray, and know your love for each other :) I still don't see him until march so I will def worry about that closer to time!

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