**** Just Went Down.

let me tell you a story. It is about all the **** that went down.

My boyfriend joined the airforce a few months ago.
lots of **** went down.
it was extra ******
I dont know what else to say
it was too unbearable to describe.
as anything other than
****. that went down.

I was so sad and ****
when the **** went down
I didnt know what to do with myself.
i cried all day.
when the **** went down.

and now things are supper.
wev'e gotten old and grey
and when i think of my pooper
i dont know what else to say

when some **** went down
it was extra stinky
when some **** went down.

I hope you liked my haiku
it sure isnt meant to stay
and if you like your poo poo
then the airforce is in your way.

thanks for listening! this forum has helped me cope so much! i cant wait to see him again <333

turdbiskut turdbiskut
Jan 20, 2013