2 Years Out Of BMT

Hello everyone =)
I never post about myself, I'd rather just reply and help other people but I figure it's time.

My guy graduated BMT almost 2 years ago, tech school a little over a year ago, got his first duty station which was overseas and just 6 months there he received his deployment orders. He wasn't even done with his on the job training or classes. Now we're about half way through with this deployment and wondering what the future will hold.

It's been a ride but I love it. I saw him once last year for about 3 weeks and it was great. I'll see him again in August since after this deployment he'll just be shipped back to his duty station. We've definitely had our ups and downs, jealousy, arguments and disagreements but it hasn't been that bad =)

If you have any questions feel free to let me know or message me.

Pulso Pulso
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Thanks a lot for sharing this! It makes it even easier to ready us af successful relationship stories, than just adding to the anxiety of everyone by sharing doubts :)

No problem! You guys can do it!