All Done With Bmt!!

So I'm new to this group, just thought it would be nice to read about everyone's experience with their airmen:) My boyfriend recently graduated BMT and is now going through selection, he wants to go into combat control. I got to see him during graduation, and that was the best weekend of my life:) But this is all so new to me! Any advice from someone in a similar situation? What do you do to keep yourself busy so you're not constantly thinking about them?
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1 Response Jan 22, 2013

You made a great choice joining this group! I'm new to it as well and even the few days I've been a part of it, it has made my day a little easier to get through. I'm currently in the process of going through BMT so I have yet to go through graduation but I still have an idea of what you feel like to always be thinking about them. Honestly, I spend a lot of time on here reading stories & that always makes me feel a little better. Along with that, when I do think about him (because let's be honest, no matter what we do he's on our mind), I make sure I think of the positives & avoid getting negative. Stay strong!

Thank you, I appreciate the response!! I have a feeling this will help me a lot:) And I know what you mean! They WILL always be on our minds! And it's true, I always have to stay positive! And honestly it gets a lot easier after BMT! You will get to talk to him more! Like I've been talking to my boyfriend every day since he graduated! And it's great! Make sure you write a lot:) My boyfriend said he really loved that I wrote him so many letters! And good luck with everything!

It's not a problem. I'm not in your current situation but if you ever want to talk, feel free to send me a message. I'm more than happy to listen to whatever is going on! Thank you so much (:

You're welcome:) And thank you, I will keep that in mind!