Letters and Suggestions

Hi there. For people who haven't read my other post, my boyfriend is in his 5th week of basic & I cannot wait to see him again! I'm writing him every day but I started a thing where I'm writing 'legitimate' letters monday, wednesday, friday & on tuesday/thursday I'm sending him lyrics to a song and telling him why I picked that song, what the lyrics mean to me, etc. I feel like music can say & express things that I can't always find the right words for. But, I'm looking for suggestions from you guys for songs that I can send to him. So, anyone have any ideas?
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3 Responses Jan 22, 2013

Not sure but send him pictures of you!! His MTI will see them but they are allowed!!

My best friend by Tim McGraw is mine and my boyfriends song.. It's usually a good one if you guys like country! :)

Check out Memphis Mayfire- Miles Away.. It's a great song! And you can tell him how you WILL stay strong for him and will always be there for him:)

Thank you!