Time Is Just Dragging By

Its only been a week today since he left for BMT.. Im dying. Still no call. Which makes it worse. All I wanna do is hear his voice. I'm lonely. I cant focus of school or work. All I want to do is crawl in a hole and stay there. I feel like March will never arrive. 52 days feels like a lifetime away. Im ready for all this to be over with. The sleepless nights, the loneliness, tears.. I want it all gone. I know people say it gets better.. But I feel like it never will!
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I know the feeling, honestly. The first few weeks were SO hard. I cried a lot too.. But then I came to the realization that this was real, and that crying would not help me in any way because he would still be gone. I just started doing things to make the days go by faster. I wrote a letter every single day and that really helped a lot!! And if you do plan on writing letters, write about how you're proud of him and encourage him rather than telling him that you are breaking down from missing him. He knows you miss him, but he can't do anything about it. And honestly, it really does get A LOT easier. Days go by, and before you know it, he calls! And then it's the BEST feeling ever!!! And after that, you will be looking forward to every phone call, and checking your mail for letters. And when they do come, it's the best feeling ever:) You will realize that all of this is so worth it, because absence really does make the heart grow fonder! 52 days seem like a lot, but they will fly by SO fast, especially if you are looking forward to seeing him. I didn't think I could do it, but I did:) And it has made me a lot stronger, as it will also make you! It's worth it and the day you see him on his graduation, that first time, you will be the proudest girlfriend ever because your boyfriend is now an airman:) I really wish you luck with everything! Trust me, it gets easier:)

Thank you!!! This really is THE worse feeling ever! I feel so empty and anytime anything happens that's bad I always want..NEED.. him here to encourage me and tell me its gonna be ok! But I do write everyday and in every letter I tell him how proud I am of him and to stay strong. Its so hard not to be negative in letters but I already know hes having a hard time there! I watched videos of basic :( and I shouldn't have. It honestly breaks my heart to know what he is going through! Its awful

My boyfriend said that at first he thought it was really hard, but now looking back at it, it was really easy! So don't worry too much about him having a hard time!! I'm sure he'll do great:) Just keep your head up and think positive:)!

That's what people say that I know as well but that's now looking back! Not in the present lol I just want these days to go by fast! So I am hoping they really do!
thank you!

You're welcome!:) And they really will!

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Yes try to stay busy! I've been going to the gym everyday. Great way to relive stress and I'll look great at graduation. Great pass time and you can use him as motivation!

I thought about doing that!!! Such a great idea but I would really hate to go alone :( BUT I would love to start doing that and it is a good idea!

Stay busy, go out with friends, bake, cook, do everything you enjoy and keep living. If you let it keep you down it'll drag you way down. He wants you to be having fun not being sad. Promise, it gets better =)

I tell myself that but it is way easier said than done! I am fine staying busy during the day but at nights... Im just sulking! I will have to thank everyone when it actually gets better cause right now it seems impossible!

In a couple weeks it'll be more routine and it'll get better. Once you're closer to graduation it goes by really quick =)