Well looks like Im back to using this site. I stopped for the most part once we got married and moved to his duty station together. But this morning he told me that hes deploying. Ive been crying for hours non stop, my head hurt, my entire body hurts, i feel like im going to puke. I dont even want advice anymore because all im being told is "this is military life, you are strong, you can do it." Well i dont want to do it, i dont want to be strong, i dont want him to go. I want my marriage to just be a marriage I want my husband to stay home with me. This freaking sucks!
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I'm so sorry. My guy is about half way through his deployment right now so I know how you feel. Will your work let you take some time off? Go home, be with your friends and family and find support in them. Keep living and don't let the depression hold you down. Depending on where he's sent you'll have a decent amount of communication. Let me know if you want to talk.

We are going to try to go home for a few weeks before he leaves. But after than Im going back to base. Yes I would like to talk.

I know how u feel my husband is deploying in may and we have a one week old baby and everyone tells me it will be ok ur strong but its to the point where u don't want to do it you don't want this life all I can say is fine the strength I can because of my little boy I have to be strong for him because when my husband leaves I'm all he's got my name is Lacey and if you need some support and someone to talk to I'm here for you.

Thank you! Its just so hard to think that Im going to be completely alone for months on end. I dont know what to do. I cant help myself from crying.

Hey I def understand your feelings.... be mad and pissed! It sucks! God knows I'll throw the biggest hissy fit when my husband deploys! Quick question.. what's your husbands job?? I'm always curious about other peoples jobs!

Vehicle Operations how about yours?

That's cool, mines a C-17 crew chief but works in aero repairs. So what doe he do?? It's funny whenever you think of the Air Force you think of just planes, but there so many other jobs!

Yeah there are tons of other jobs lol. He drives different vehicles. Like when we get new people he goes to pick them up from the air port. Or where we get important people here he drives them around. Just stuff like that. But they get liscened to drive a bunch of different things.