I Am So Pissed-vent

I needed my boyfriend to support me and it's like he doesn't understand. So at this point everything I have had to put up with is starting to add up. I am ALWAYS on his time. I get calls when he feels like it, I get text sporadically and he never skypes me when he says he will but once I mention it all I get is him feeling bad about not keeping his promises and NOTHING changing. Then he acts like I hurt his feelings when I mention that I like being close to my family because they provide me the support and attention I need. He says "why isn't my love and support enough?" Well how about the fact that you aren't here when I need you? How about the fact that I can't call you when I'm having a bad day? You don't understand when something is bothering me because your life is so much worse than mine. Oh I'm sorry that this became a competition about whose life is worse. I apologize if I stop being your cheerleader and actually want one for the tough moments. Sorry if I don't feel like grinning and bearing it at this moment in time. I am so sick of the arguments and lack of communication. I know that I am new to serious relationships but give me a freaking break what am I suppose to be the sacrificial lamb and be ok with everything tossed at me? I REALLY feel like screaming. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH -Deep breath in- Thanks to anyone who actually sat and read this rant...It actually helped.
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I totally understand how you feel! Glad I'm not the only one

This makes me nervous about tech school too. I'm already at the point where I'm like wtf kind of relationship is this? I have to shut my mouth and be supportive and be proud and wait for him. What about my hard days? Who's my cheerleader? Attempting to recover from an eating disorder and self harming and trying to get my degree and prepare for the MCAT with a full time job....but no babe...yeah your day sucked more than mine. Bite me.

Yea right now I am living a life of solitude, figuring things out on my own but don't let me complain because then I will hear is how tough he has it, mentally and physically. Sorry my troubles don't compare, yet it seems nothing can be done.

This sounds so familiar because I've had many arguments with my guy like this too and many of them ending with him not changing. I'm always on his time, I'm always there for him but he would rather go out with his friends than sacrifice one day to talk/skype me. Is he in tech school by any chance? That's when my guy and I had some problems. You have every right to be mad, I was. He'll come around. My guy did and I'm sure he'll figure it out as well.

This makes me nervous for tech school! Do they go out alot on weekends and stuff? I totally trust him but that will make me mad if he choses that over giving me a call or skyping


They do go out a decent amount once they've received ATP and can go off base and wear civilian clothes, well at least my guy did. He became close with a lot of people so there was a group that he'd always go out with. I didn't like it when female Airmen stated hanging out with the guys and when they would go out. I'll admit I was jealous, but then they started dating my guys friends so that made me more comfortable. He promised he'd never be alone or go out with just them and he never did so that was a good thing. It all worked out.

Yea he is halfway through tech school.