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So 5 months down, and it's starting to get super bipolar up in this mind.
I get all happy cuz it's much closer to seeing him...
but then I get incredibly sad the next minute and I'm not sure why. I'll start to think of the kind of messed up past we share and it depresses me.
But then I think about how last night we fell asleep with skype on, and the first thing I saw was his face and I get all happy!
But then I feel really lonely and get all sad haha
Long distance really sucks, but it really does test how strong your relationship is.
It's an amazing feeling to know even without a physical connection, we are both still in love, even more so than when he left!
but it still sucks.
I'm all for spending time apart to miss someone but this is just overkill RRRAAAWR
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1 Response Jan 24, 2013

Where's ur bf? Deployed? Tech school? Living on base?

he is deployed at the moment, and i feel so fortunate to be able to communicate as much as we do! emails daily (his work is near computers) and skyping on his day off... i can't imagine how people lived thru deployments and waiting weeks and weeks for letters, sometimes getting lost in the mail!