His Letter Broke My Heart

Today I got a letter from my airman. It was my second letter this week! I was so, so excited. He started off by telling me about how getting gassed went and he said he would do it all over again if it meant that he would get to see me in a few weeks. It was such a heart warming thing to read. He went on in the letter to tell me about his conflictions with his faith & whether or not he has made the right decision. He wondered how the same God who lead the Isrealites to victory over their enemies again & again could be the same God who promoted peace in the new testament. He said he felt closer to God but just couldn't reach him. It absolutely broke my heart to read this. After replying, it all hit me. I felt like I could feel his pain, and it hurts me. I wish I could take it away, that he wouldn't have to feel this. I just miss him so much and I wish so badly I was able to hold him. I'm so close to seeing him again and yet so far away. This is the first time I've really let myself cry since the first week he was gone. I can't wait to see him and to not feel so disconnected.
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1 Response Jan 25, 2013

I'm so sorry that you feel so conflicted! It's hard to hear something upsetting and not being able to console our Airman :( I hope writing to him helped you though! Only 3 more weeks!!