First Callllll <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

I AM FLOATING ON A CLOUD!!!!!!!! At 3:24 today while I was at work my pocket started vibrating and I ran to the back to see my airmans face pop up on my phone. My heart dropped... I answered and the first thing he said was "I Love You!"!!!!!!!! Those three words is what I have been dying to hear since I have not heard them in 12 days :) I was absolutely glowing. Tears of absolute joy flowed down my face. It was just sooooo good to hear his voice and to hear that he was okay and that he was adjusting well! He even said "They aren't going to change me.. Im the same man that left two weeks ago". I am so relieved! I love him more than ever! He even called me first and talked to me for almost 12 minutes and called his parents for 3! I should be getting a letter tomorrow because he said he sent one on Thursday and put another one in the mail today :) People were so right when they said there is no other feeling like that first phone call :) :) Its been 8 hours since he called and I still cannot stop smiling. Nothing can ruin my week.. absolutely nothing! He said that he was so glad that I didn't listen to him and that I have been writing him everyday :) He said that it gets him through the day knowing that he is going to have a letter at night to read from me :) And that people are jealous that he gets letters everyday :) So if any of you are wondering if you should write your man everyday DO IT!!! He said that they were tough and it wasn't easy but that he is doing just fine and days are beginning to go by faster! 6 and a half more weeks! Now with the letters flowing and I am going to start getting calls, I can sooooo do this!
AirforceGfxoxo AirforceGfxoxo 18-21, F Jan 27, 2013

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