Two Letters...One Day

So yesterday I got that wonderful 12 minute phone call and today..opening up the mailbox.. not only did I have one letter.. BUT TWO!! TWO LETTERS!!!! They were both so long and heart felt! He hates BMT but says so does everyone else and that the food is awful! I loved reading about his days and knowing that he misses me enough to say he would even watch teen mom and glee with me if he meant he could spend 5 minutes with me! (He HATES those shows) It is just so refreshing to know that his feelings have actually gotten stronger for me! Ahhhh I feel like the luckiest girl on earth. He told me to continue writing him everyday and that it honestly has helped him get thru the days knowing he is getting a letter.. Wow.. Its like our own little love story. 6 weeks from Thursday i'll be seeing his handsome face :)
AirforceGfxoxo AirforceGfxoxo 18-21, F Jan 29, 2013

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