First Deployment

Hey there, I was looking online for some support groups or just girls to chat with to overcome the sad feeling & connect with others going through or have went through a deployment. My boyfriend just left a few days ago and I'm so heart broken we are the best of friends and we do everything together I mean we do live together so I see him everyday. I'm not used to him being gone and I don't know many people in the area we live in since I moved away from my parents to live with him & continue our journey through life. We have been together for about 8 months and it feels so much longer that's how well we mesh together. I don't have a job yet or go to school so all I do is sit in the house which gets old and very boring. I know he will be back in a few months but I just don't know how to cope with all these feelings.
brittanyxbabee brittanyxbabee
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2 Responses Feb 3, 2013

my boyfriend's been gone for 5 months now, and it was very hard at first but it got easier. i would definitely find yourself a job ASAP to keep your mind off things. find hobbies to do around you maybe to make new friends, i feel going to the gym helps me a lot. fortunately i get to talk to him a lot, we email all the time and skype every week, so that helps a profound amount. but yeah find a job!!!!!!!! even if you don't need it, something easy you can do to keep your mind off things, maybe even make some new friends!

My husband is leaving in a few months. Im terrified! If you need to talk im, here!