What To Expect?

My boyfriend left for basic in Lackland on January 29th, so less than a week ago. I miss him so much already. I need him here to help me through everything going on. How do I cope with his absence?
How do they earn privileges? Is it based on their little group thingies? (sorry for my lack of proper names haha)
When should I expect his letters? Like how long will it take for mine to get to him and his to me? (I'm in Idaho)
Will he ever get to call me?
When do they get their personal items back, like his phone?
Is there ANY possibility he will get to come home between basic and his tech school in California? I just need a little bit of hope.
I'm sorry for all my questions, I've been trying to educate myself the best I can on all of this, but I don't know who to ask. Answers to everything would be appreciated :)
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He called me! 8 days in :) he said he'll send his letter tonight or tomorrow and he can call every Wednesday :) I'm so happy I'm shaking. I almost dropped the phone trying to answer it :)

<p>My boyfriend has already been through basic and tech school, so maybe I can help. The length of his letters will depend on how much time he gets to write. During the beginning, its harder to write because there is so much training. As for when he gets his phone back, it all depends on how strict his training instructor is. Mine got his back after a week and was able to call every saturday for about 15 minutes. They don't get to come home after basic, but they do get to come home after tech school for 2 weeks if they do a program called RAP, he can also take leave days if he wishes to stay home longer. I know it sucks right now, but trust me it gets easier. Let me know if you have any other questions. I'm here to help!</p>

Do you mind me asking what career he went into?

He's Security Forces

My boyfriend left two weeks ago, it's hard but stay strong. It took me about a week and a half to get my first letter. I got my first phone call yesterday for 15 minutes. They're having a hard time just like you, so try to stay strong and write him everyday!