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Well, my boyfriend left for basic training yesterday. Saying goodbye was honestly harder than I could have imagined, because I just didn't want to let him go. He even cried, and I didn't expect that at all. Today was also my birthday and I'm on my period so I have been extra emotional about it! I don't think it has even hit me yet, I think in a week or two I'll be more of a wreck than I am now. I know that I will get through this and our relationship will be so much stronger, but it's just a hard adjustment to make. I am so thankful to have such a strong brave man in my life though, and I can't wait until I get my first letter!
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I'm glad I'm not the only one that's going through the same thing... Mine is leaving on March 5th & I'm already a mess.. How was it the last couple days before he left? & Happy Belated Birthday!! :)

The last couple days before he left were hard! Like it was on my mind every second I was with him, but you have to try to just push it out of your mind and cherish every second! It's important to try not to dwell on it too much because the time you have with him will not be as enjoyable if you do. And thank you!!

Np & thanks to you too! I bet it'll be on my mind the whole time too :/ what are you & your boyfriend's plan for after he gets out of tech school?

Well I will only be a senior in high school when he is done with all of his training and tests he has to take. He is staying in the area and going to college and that is what I plan to do when I graduate as well.

My boyfriend left for basic on January 29th. The first few days were SO HARD. I miss him soooo much, but it honestly got way better after about 4 days. Today is day 8 and he called me today (YAYYY!!!!!) and he said he's gonna write his letter tonight and it'll get sent in the morning. When you get to talk to him again you'll feel so much better. He will get his cell phone (if he has one) and he'll get to call you once a week. He has 15 minutes to call people so he could split the time up so he can call his parents or friends, but he gets to call EVERY WEEK. He has to earn his privileges though, some people don't get calls until they're 3 weeks in, it all depends on how good his squadron is and how strict his TI is.
One thing that helped me a lot when I missed him was going to the air force website an watching videos of what they do and their schedule and everything. It helps alot to know what he's going through.
Remember to be strong and supportive, and remind him how proud you are of him.
I also watched videos of soldiers coming home. When I saw how happy their families were it made me realize every day he's gone will make it that much better when I see him again. When you're sad and missing him, remember you're always one day closer than you were the day before. If you need to put a sticky note telling you that on something you see every morning. Cuz I know waking up and getting out of bed is really hard the first few days.
If you ever need someone to talk to message me, cuz you're around my age and it's nice to know someone who's going through what you are.
Good luck darlin, remember its all worth it and you're always one day closer.
And happy birthday. :)

Yeah I am not sure how many phone calls mine will get! I know he got to call his parents for a few minutes today because his mom texted me to let me know. I have his address though so I am sending out my first letter in the morning and am anxious for a response!
I just realized they have a facebook page where they post pictures and videos and got so excited about that! Also what helps me is he told me to listen to "Wait For Me" by Theory of a Deadman every night. I do, and it makes me feel like he's almost with me.
Thank you so much for your advice and time! I appreciate it a lot :)

What there's a Facebook page?! What's it called?

It's called USAF Basic Military Training!!!

I found it! I hope they post pictures of his flight. I really wanna see his face

I know! I have been praying for the same thing! You'll have to let me know if you find him in some :)

I will? What's your boyfriends flight? I'll keep an eye out for him too! Mines is 243

Mines is 245!

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