Does anyone have a boyfriend/husband that has just left for basic training in San Antonio, Texas?
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Mine left for BMT Jan 22 and i didnt get a letter from here until about Feb 4

Yeah that's about 2 weeks.. Tuesday will be 2 weeks since he left so I'm praying I get a letter soon!!!!

Yes, mine just did!

Oh my gosh, awesome! Have you gotten a call or letter or do you have his address or anything?

The only time he called me was last Wednesday... I spoke with the receptionist desk at the lackland AFB yesterday and they said at the end of the first week they'll be rewarded a call, but it depends when on the instructor. Also you won't get his address for another week or two. :)

Oh okay! That's nice to know. I actually already have his address. He got to call his parents last week and told them and his mom let me know. Do you know wha flight he is in?

Oh really?! I wish I had his. I won't know his address or flight til he mails us all of the info :/ what about you?

Aw I understand! My boyfriend is in flight 245! How old are you two?

Hmm, I wonder if they're in the same one! What day did he get to Texas?? And I'm 20, he's 19 :) what about you??

I know, that would be ironic! He got there on the 5th. I'm 17, and he's 19! How long have you two been together?

5 months. But we've known each other and been good friends for 5 years. What flight is your boyfriend in? I just found out mines flight.

What about you guys?!

Wow, we have been together 5 months too, but been great friends for 2 years. He's in flight 245.

Wow what a coincidence! Where are y'all from? And mines I 253, kinda close :P

That is close haha, I wonder if they'd ever come in contact with each other. We're from Ohio. How bout you?

It's possible I would think! And we're from Nevada. My boyfriend is in space systems operations. What's your boyfriends job?

I agree! He's in the Air National Guard and going to be putting together bombs.

Oh wow, that's awesome! Are you going to the graduation?

Sadly, I don't think so. He wanted me to, but I would have to go with his parents and they didn't approve.

Omg really?! I'm sorry :/ I'm super close with my boyfriends parents so that's nice. I wish you could go :/

Yeah it stinks. We get along really well, they just think we are moving too fast. But they don't understand :/

Awh, that's not good :/ well hopefully they'll start to understand!

I'm hoping so!

If you ever wanna talk let me know!!

Thanks, you too!

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