Boyfriend Leaving To BMT March 5th

So my boyfriend of 3 years is leaving to BMT in less than a month, and today was the first day that it really hit me and I'm just completely breaking down right now.

We just went to the Wells Fargo bank so he could transfer money from there to the USAA bank, and the banker started talking about his experience in the military and all the parties he went to during tech school.. it got me so nervous for when my boyfriend goes to tech school. I trust his word that he'll be faithful and honest, but once in a while he doesn't keep a random promise to me or I found out he lied to me about something small, and it just ruins my whole trust for him. It's really hard now that I don't have full trust in him and he's gonna be going away. So basically I told him it made me nervous and that the whole party scene is gonna be all around him, so I told him I hope that he'll resist it and focus his time elsewhere or something. He took it the wrong way and thought I was blaming him, saying he WILL cheat and party and all those things. But a couple minutes later we made up and he just held me while I cried. Now he's at his briefing at the recruiter's office, and I'm home alone, overthinking about the whole thing :/

Any advice on how to get through all this the easiest way? And any suggestions for maybe a small gift before he leaves for BMT?
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You can always send him pictures once he's there by the way!!!! If he just takes them going in however there's a chance they could be held till graduation...
Don't worry. I'm doing this too. If I can do it, you can do it. Just keep faith and worry about taking care of you right now. He will be ok in TX I promise.

That's so cool! Maybe they'll both have the same TI or something.. but I'm glad I'm not the only one and it's even easier to talk to you since your boyfriend is leaving the same exact day. So I'm guessing we're both gonna be at their graduation at the same time? Thanks so much for the advice though, I really appreciate it.

Yeah; I am pretty sure it is going to be May 3rd but I don't wanna book any flights etc. until I get more official word from Tim once he's at BMT (gotta book all refundable/transferrable flights just in case).
Feel free to get ahold of me any time. I'll probably be easier to reach on my blog but I will check in here, too.

MY boyfriend of 3 years will ALSO be leaving for basic March 5th!
As for gifts before BMT, I would hold off until graduation. You see, they can't really take much with them and from what I have read, if they have personal effects, they will be taken and held until graduation plus when they're taken like that it just gives the higher ups more reason to tease them while they are in BMT.
I know it's going to be hard, but just from other experiences that I've had, I know that distance can actually be a big thing that really STRENGTHENS trust. So just try to take some deep breaths and know that you are not alone! Just find some stuff that will keep you busy while he is gone. While he is at BMT learning and getting strong, work on bettering yourself at home. Reconnect with the inner you, and your beliefs and your personal feelings. Just really practice loving yourself and remembering how awesome you are because the more confident you feel the better you can support your airman and cope with distance.
I am going to be blogging about my whole experience at so if you ever want to check in or ask me questions, feel free to pop on my blog anytime.