Airman In Basic Training

Does anyone out there have an airman that left for basic on January 29th?
Daisydukes13 Daisydukes13 16-17 2 Responses Feb 7, 2013

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Mine left January 22 13

Mine left January 14! Can't believe its almost been a month! Get through the first two weeks and you'll be set!

I'm not too sad anymore, but 5 months. It's a really long time. :/

why five months??

Tech school. I'm 16 so my parents won't let me go to his graduation or visit him with hes in tech school

That sucks :/ Maybe they will change their mind about tech school! Because even then, he can afford to fly you out to visit him! :) Tech school will be easier than basic with Skype and phone calls :)

I would really love if they changed their minds. They know everything I've been through with him, and they know how happy I was when I was with him

Or your bf can fly out and see you. After phase two I believe there allowed to leave tech school base for the weekend...that's 35 days into there training

Really? That would be really great too. When do they find out all this information about tech school? And when do they find out where they get stationed?

They find out either before they leave with there recruiter or sometime at basic training. They don't find out what base there on until tech school.

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