Family Problems!!!!

Im just wondering how you would handle this situation? How do you handle awful inlaws/family?

My husband and I are going home this summer. Since I found out that he will be deploying shortly after we return home and I really do not want to go any more, but he does. I agreed to still go, but today he comes home and asks me how I feel about us renting a cabin to stay in while we are there. Then he drops the bomb that it would be us his brother and his brothers family. That isn't a vacation to me! I have never met this brother, but his entire family hates me and always has (even the ones that never met me). This brother in particular said "She is just looking for a meal ticket out of her lazy *** life" when we announced that we were getting married. And then he told my husband “You and your lovely wife should come visit us sometime”. How do you go so quickly from one thing to another? His other family members had worse things to say. Now that we are married this brother acts as if he had never made those rude remarks, but obviously they still hurt me. A ring around my finger does not make me forget what was said. Maybe if I got an apology it would help, but I do not want to spend three weeks with these people on our "vacation". Not to mention when he was in BMT none of his family asked how he was, wrote any letters, ect. But I still sent his address to his family and updated this brother about how he was, and this was the thanks I got. Im not saying all of this to be childish, I just do not want to deal with his families drama on this vacation especially when he will be deploying shortly after. I feel like they didn’t care when he was in BMT 1 year ago what makes this time any different? They are going to act sad and distraught about him leaving when it affects their lives in the least bit. Im the one that will be alone, im the one that will be up all night crying, im the one that will be waiting for calls and letters, not them. I sound so selfish I know! I just feel like when we go home his family will want to see him and spend time with him the entire time, and since they don’t like me.. it leaves me alone. I don’t know what to do! I told my husband no about the cabin and I could tell he was disappointed but I do not want to put myself in a spot where I know I’ll be uncomfortable. Plus the only reason we are staying any place else than with a family member is to have alone time. I just don’t think he understands how it feels to be rejected, my entire family loves him.. Sometimes more than me lol. But his family hates me for no reason at all. I did tell him all of this when we talked I just dont know what to do, I want to make him happy without putting myself in an uncomfortable position. I just dread the thought of even going home now! Any advice? Ah!
AFWife318 AFWife318
18-21, F
Feb 8, 2013