Tech School Cheating?

February 14th is the day my boyfriend graduates & I cant go but I am visiting him this summer. Im excited that I will be able to hear from him more but recently I've been hearing about cheating in tech school,& its bugs me a little. I trust him a lot its just that before my boyfriend & I were dating I was cheated on. Not only that I just dont trust other girls around him. My boyfriend writes me everyday since the day he left for BMT. Although I cant imagine him cheating on me,I cant help but be scared. We've been dating for almost two years. Before he was sent off we mentioned about cheating (he too has been cheated on before he met me) & at he was more concerned with me cheating but now that I've heard all these awful stories about cheating in tech school its been messing with my head. I love him so much,im not sure how to go about with tech school.
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Cheating does happen and there are cute girls in the Air Force but you just have to trust him and take it as it comes. I got into a lot of arguments with my guy while he was in tech school but it all ended up being fine =) keep your head up =)

Okay,I will! thanks so much. Hearing all of those stories all of sudden really freaked me out but this helped so much.

Hey, I totally understand how you're feeling! I felt the same way when my then boyfriend (now husband) went to tech! I just told him that I was afraid of cheating and girls (I'm a little more insecure than he is) but he understood and was really great about it and reassured me everything was going to be okay and he went out of his way to not put himself in any awkward or bad positions and I did the same at college. It wasn't that I didn't trust him it was just all the stories I heard but honestly a few weeks into tech I settled down and realized how silly it was and made it through. I think it's important to talk about your insecurities with your s/o, It makes your relationship stronger and shows that you're only human! That was almost 2 years ago! And now we are married, woah time flys! Lol you two will be fine, just keep that open and honest line of communication going!

I'm having the same insecurities, although my boyfriend doesn't graduate until the end of march. Also, I've been seeing this everywhere, what does s/o stand for?

It means significant other

This made me feel so much better, my friend more like a boyfriend left jan22,13 and I too am worried about tech school... After seeing this I'm going to write him another letter and send it off... Thank you