Not Sure How To Deal With It?

My air man has been gone since Jan 22,13 and I havent talk to him..He called me after about 3 weeks of him being gone and I missed all 4 of his calls. he left a voicemail for me saying he missed me and to keep writing him thats what get him thur his days.And today i dont know if i can hold myself up and not cry from missing him. I will never tell him the pain i feel from him being so far away i want to be his rock. I've been doing so good with being okay with him being gone. But something happen when i opened my Mail box to fine nothing there.. A wall of feelings hit me so hard.. and ive been feeling down ever since..I have replayed his voicemail about 60 times within the last hour just to hear his voice..I know he is thinking about me more than im thinking of him..Im all so new to this ... I Dont Know What To Do I Need Help... Words of support will help.
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What flight is he?? My bf left the same day


He is doing his BMT Training as of now. Not sure when he'll have to leave. I'm all new to this life. And just trying to understand everything and get use to it. I fully understand not being able to talk to him, he is working. It's just a little hard when you go from talking to someone every day to just hearing from him from once every few weeks. I feel a little bad now after you said what you said about him being gone or how he may feel. @soldierboyn520. I feel like I'm being selfish and that's not it at all! I have been staying busy working out working and doing school, being a mother and sometimes it's just that night when I think of him just when I feel like I want to have a letter to read. I know I have to be Strong for him and I've been strong up until this point we're sometimes you just have those days of sadness. And not only that it's That I'm starting to have health Issues (but nothing to do with him being gone) And just kind of need a letter here and there. Thank you afgf86 the words of support helped me Through my night.