This Is Hard.

So I thought I was doing so great. I've been keeping myself busy, but writing my Airman every other day. Sending him a letter gives me such an exciting feeling, knowing that he soon will touch my letter and read my words. But, I am longing for a letter from him. I got a gut wrenching feeling today when I opened my mailbox and there was not a letter from him. I know he is busy, and I completely understand that he is working hard. I just miss him so much, and would give anything to hear his voice. Or even getting a letter would make me the happiest girl in the world. I thought it was going so well, and I knew it would hit me at some point. It just hit me.
And it hurts.
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Hang in there, it'll be over before we know it!! I heard from my airman today... Have you heard anything??

You heard from him!? A call or a letter or what? How is he?

He called me around 8:30 their time yesterday morning. He also got my address so he could write me. He's having a hard time adjusting and isn't liking it too much. But I expected that much...

Was it wonderful to hear his voice? Aw well I hope things start to look up for him!

Yeah! I didn't care that it was 6:30 in the morning my time, it was just so nice to hear from him. I hope you get to hear from your airman soon! I hear it depends on the instructor and how well the flight is doing :)

I got a letter from my airman today!

Me too! I'm picking it up from his dads house. I can't wait to read it!!!

Ahh it's such an amazing, wonderful, exciting feeling!!!!

Yeah, it really is! I feel like the letters make my day so much better! Ah, we CAN do this :)

Agreed! I was having such a rough day, then I came home to a letter and felt so encouraged! It was exactly what I needed! I'm sure it will make your day too :)

Awh, hope you're feeling better!! Last night I was down because I had a huge nursing exam today and he's always the one who encourages me and supports me so I was sad that he wasn't there to assure me I'd be fine. All is well now though, and the letters are amazing :)

I feel much better, his letter made everything better! That's so great, I'm really happy for you :)

Thank you, I'm happy for you too! Talking to others that are going through this is helping so much :)

I know, it's helped me so much! Keep staying strong and let me know if you ever need anything!

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I can say im feeling the same way you are. i write my air man every day two letter and send them so that he will get them back to back and feel good. But, I also am longing for a letter from him. I got a gut wrenching feeling the other day when I opened my mailbox and there was not a letter from him. and i did the same thing today.. i have been a big girl but last nite as i wrote his letter i cried... My feeling for him has become more than it was when he left and im head over hills in love with this man! He left for BMT jan 22.

Ugh I can so relate! I have been proud of how well I have been doing, but the last few days its been really getting to me! I'm trying to be strong, I just really really miss him.