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Okay so I'm not technically an Air Force girlfriend anymore, lol. But when I was apart of this group (when my husband was in boot camp/tech school) I made SO many great friends from it. I've yet to find an "I Am An Air Force Wife" page with as much activity as this one! Hope y'all don't mind :)

I re-joined this site to make some new best friends that know exactly what I'm going through and to vent to ladies that actually know what being apart of this lifestyle is like! Every time I try to talk to my friends about it they literally have nothing to say. Which, I mean, I guess that kind of understandable cause they don't know what it's like but still! Plus, they all pretty much ditched me when they found out I was pregnant with my son at 18. But, here's my story (sorry if it's a little long):

My husband just got home in December from a 7 month tour in Afghanistan and he's getting ready to go back out the door again to Kuwait for another 6 months (tomorrow). This second tour was voluntary however and I'll tell you why: We are the parents of a beautiful 3 month old baby boy (yup, he was a deployment baby!) and this deployment will give us enough money to be financially comfortable. Although it really SUCKS that he's leaving again after missing basically my entire pregnancy and the birth of his son, we both decided it was for the best. Yeaa, he'll miss another 6 months but that will give us a very long time with him being home after he gets back.

It's just gonna be difficult because now I'm actually used to him being home and helping me with the baby. Before, it was just me so I was used to doing all the work. (He didn't meet his son until he was 7 weeks old) Now I have to get readjusted to that again. But it's only 6 months, that's not that bad. Right...?

I look forward to talking to you ladies and hopefully making some new friends too! :)
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Hey!! I too have met some awesome ladies through this site. My husband (boyfriend at the time) left for basic October 17th 2011. I haven't been through a deployment yet but I am facing one his Fall. I am absolutely terrified to be alone so far away from everyone I know and have to do everything alone and be alone. Since ive learned about his deployment Ive come back to this site because it was for sure a life saver during BMT lol.

We pretty much did the same thing! Haha I came back for this deployment. The first deployment I was so busy and honestly I totally forgot about this site. I agree though, it was a life saver! The best advice I can give is to enjoy the time you have left and don't dwell on it too much. And if you ever need a friend or someone to talk to that's been through it, I'll be here :)

Hi!!!! Im Carla. I usually have the opposite encounter. I'll find a site and it's usually filled with military wives that are not so nice to the gf's. This is one of my favorite sites to vent, brag or just feel normal about acting crazy while he's away. Lol. My airman's on his 4th deployment , it's our first together as a couple. I'm adjusting to him being away and the limited communication. I had all my emotional breakdowns while he was doing his pre deployment training :) I keep pretty busy..especially thinking up new things to send him in his care packages or letters. But I tend to come here almost on a daily basis just to read or vent. It's really good to have someone who' s already been done with a deployment to talk to. And I agree with afgf you do sound so calm. But you are an airman's wife so it is our job to be strong.

See I hate that! I hate when the wives are so mean to the girlfriends. We were all girlfriends at one point. I just don't understand. No worries, I'm not like that. Just looking for some good girlfriends :) But, I try to be as calm as possible for my own sanity and for my son, haha. Don't get me wrong, I have my breakdowns and when I do they're usually pretty bad. That's when I run to the pantry and grab all the chocolate I can find and just start eating. It's a wonder I'm not obese! Hahaha. Keeping busy is the perfect way to pass the time. Before you know it, you'll be on your way to meet him at the airport! If you ever need someone to talk to, feel free to message me :)

Thanks...I appreciate it and definitely will! :)

Wow! Great to see you are still positive about it! That's my worst fear is him being gone during my pregnancy! My guy is still in basic but only has 25 days left! I am so excited for it to be over but I know our hard journey has just begun! BUT Im ready for the military life with him because its what he wants to do! Do you guys still get to Skype while he is deployed?

It was difficult, Im not going to lie. And very emotional challenging but I had to be strong and stay calm for my health and my baby's health. That's what really kept me under control lol. He left when I was 4 months pregnant.

I miss BMT honestly!! Hahah but I remember how excited I was for it to be over. Are you going to his graduation? It's great that you're so accepting of the lifestyle! As long as you have a great support system and be optimistic, you'll be fine :)

Our communication wasnt great when he was over there because he wasnt at one of the major bases. He was at a tiny FOB in the middle of nowhere basically so he didnt have a good wifi connection a lot of the time. And our schedules were so hectic between me going to school, work, and doctor's appointments and him going on week long missions all the time. But we did get to email and text often because he bought a phone from over there. He also got excused from one day's mission when the baby was born so we got to skype then. It was a long 7 months but we made it work. There's always ways around it! Stay positive :)

I am going to his graduation! I am SOOOO excited! These once a week phone calls and anticipating letters is not fun! I can tell you must be REALLY strong to be able to have a child without him physically there! But it is great that you guys have thought it through on his deployment! But you are right, a support system goes a long way! I know its not gonna be easy but I knew what I was getting myself in to

You're gonna love it!!! If I could relive BMT graduation I so would lol.

Omg I know lol. Those letters and once a week phone calls weren't cutting it for me either, I just wanted to see him. It's the greatest feeling getting that first hug and kiss after not seeing him for 2.5 months.

Now, to me, 2 and a half months would be cake! One day you'll look back on BMT and be like, damn! That was easy! Hahaha. What's he going to tech school for?

And if you ever need someone to talk to, about anything, I'm always here :) I could use another friend that knows what I'm going through with this stuff! Lol

You're going to feel SO proud when you're at graduation. It's the greatest feeling :) I cried! Hahaha

I cry just thinking about his graduation girl! He is going to tech school for aircraft loadmaster so his tech school is only 34 days :) but he has seven months of training or close to that after tech school! And I have no doubt when those deployments come around im gonna look back now and be like why the hell was a struggling so much! lol but for now, I don't see it. And same for you! If you need to talk or anything just let me know :)

Haha you totally will! Just keep looking forward. You're one more day closer :)

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