I Miss Him :(

My boyfriend just left for the airforce bmt last Tuesday and today is our 1 year anniversary. I am so sad and i wish i could be with him. I don't have anyone to just vent to because i don't like to be a burden but I'm emotionally drained!! When will i receive a letter or phone call?? I text him every morning and night just to get some sense of relief! Will this get him in trouble when he gets to call home and receives a lot of messages?? Please someone let me know!!
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Hii! My airman left two weeks ago today for BMT. Since then I've gotten one call from him this past saturday. After your airman has been in training for 1 week, which doesn't include what they call zero week (the first week he is gone), he might be rewarded a call. It all just depends on his instructor and how well his flight is doing. You will be hearing from him in no time! I know its hard, but just keep yourself busy! It's only been 2 weeks since my airman left, but it seems like an eternity. Keep your head up, we can do this :)

Thanks! I can't wait for this weekend! Maybe i could be a lucky girl like you and get a call!!!!

Yeah, I sure hope you are lucky like me! Hearing his voice will make it easier! Just hang in there, it'll be over before we know it. :)

My airman told me to write him every night, and that he would read my letters before bed. I was not expecting this from him, but honestly I feel like this is a hard time for them and they need us to be there for them. I know he is more miserable than I am. :P

You make me want to hear my loves voice!! Now that you mentioned it i will write to him everyday that i can!!!

And I hope you do soon! You really should write him every night. They have no contact with anything, so hearing from you would be awesome for him I'm sure! :D I always think that I'll run out of things to write to him, but I've yet to! He'll want to hear about anything...

I have those thoughts too!!! Lol! I try to make sure everything is positive and funny since he's already under stress, ya know! I'm so encouraged to write him everyday now!!

Lol I make jokes too! Or if we have an inside joke I'll mention that :D I never mention to him when I'm down or sad, because I know it'll just put more pressure on him. Our airmen need us more than ever now, so we need to support them and encourage them!

Lol same here!! And yes I know they need us just as much as we need them!! :) I'm so proud of them!

Yes, they really do! Like I told my airman, this is just a stepping stone to where they want to be! I feel like I can't tell my airman enough how proud of him I am. What they're doing is a really honorable thing! :)

Omg me too!! Do you know where your babe is going for training after he graduates?

He's going to Vandenberg AFB in southern California; his job is Space System Operations. What about you?!

He actually isn't sure yet but his job is tactical aircraft maintenance!!

That's awesome!! He must be smart :)

Yes he is!!! Lol!

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Hiiii! my boyfriend just left for basic last tuesday too! hes not in the airforce but i cant imagine things being that different. so he is probably still going through processing. i know how you feel emotionally drained.. i felt very fragile and any little thing made me so sad. you need to have things to look forward to and keep yourself busy. know that as much as you are missing him he is missing you just as much if not more. i went out and bought a huge calendar so i could physically mark off the days that my boyfriend has been gone. just so i could see that time was moving even though it feels like its not moving at all. and just when you feel like youve reached your breaking point of emotions you will get a call or a letter and it will honestly give you strength to pull through. texting his phone wont get him into trouble they are out away and most likely turned off. i hope this helps you, good luck :)

My boyfriend of 1 year is about to go to bmt and its scaring the crap out of me! :( hope it gets better for you!

Thank you so much it really helps!!! I try to look forward to the graduation when I'll finally see him!!!! I can't wait to get a call or letter!!! Thanks again!!!

And i was so scared too, it gets easier everyday though and i hope the same for you hun!!