Two Weeks Feels Like An Eternity....

So my airman left on February 4th for BMT. While he has only been gone for 2 weeks, it feels like he has been gone forever! Going from talking and seeing each other day is such a change! I feel like I have adjusted well though. Seeing as I am in nursing school, I am constantly busy with homework, clinicals, and such, but it still gets to me that he is gone. One minute I am doing awesome, and the next I am just sad. I know it'll be over before I know it, but graduation just seems so far away!
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he's lucky to have such a strong girl to support him :) good luck to you both

Awh, thank you! I'm not too sad, just miss him... I've accepted what he's chosen to do with his life and I know he's bettering it. He is so supportive of me and nursing school so I'm doing the same for him! I'm trying to stay positive :)

staying positive is your best weapon, trust me. im kinda going through a similar situation.

Yeah I feel like it is!! There's no point for me to be sad and moping around so I'm making the best is the situation.

that's good

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