Two Weeks Feels Like An Eternity....

So my airman left on February 4th for BMT. While he has only been gone for 2 weeks, it feels like he has been gone forever! Going from talking and seeing each other day is such a change! I feel like I have adjusted well though. Seeing as I am in nursing school, I am constantly busy with homework, clinicals, and such, but it still gets to me that he is gone. One minute I am doing awesome, and the next I am just sad. I know it'll be over before I know it, but graduation just seems so far away!
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First two weeks are the slowest and worse! BUT it does go by faster after that! TRUST ME! The first two weeks I thought I was dying lol Now He is in week 5 and im honestly alright! :) Its flying by (knock on wood!) Keeping busy and writing those letters will keep you sane!

Yeah, I feel like they're just dragging by!! And I was doing okay until tonight, then everything just got to me... I'm hoping the next few weeks fly by! Writing him letters every night makes me feel like I'm almost talking to him, so I really look forward to them! Thank you for the encouragement! :)

You are so welcome! Writing every night about my day makes me feel like im talking to him too! Just to tell him about my problems/achievements. And even though I only get one or two letters a week.. sometimes none.. they always remind me that hes encouraging me and supporting me.. just in a different way. It'll be here before you know it!

That's good to know that I'll maybe get one a week! :D I was surprised when my airman told me to write him every night, but now I'm realizing how hard of a time they are probably having and how much our letters impact them!! I feel like it'll only bring us closer to our airmen.

it will! He will begin to learn how thankful he is for THE simplest things! Mine tells me all about his days and they are awful! He says that my letters are what gets him through and that helps me too just to know im helping. I couldn't even imagine being told what to do every second of the day! I can honestly say I feel so much closer to him even so far away.

I can't even imagine what they are going through!! It sounds horrible :( my airman has already told me he wants to come home. I couldn't imagine being told what to do all of the time either!! Has your airman mentioned being threatened he'll be recycled?? I hear it's the biggest threat the MTIs use on them.

Oh yea! Mine wanted to come home the first week! lol and FIVE people have already been recycled from his flight! They will recycle them for the littlest things! They threaten it for everything to scare the crap out of them and make them obey like dang dogs!

Yeah, my airman is really afraid of being recycled! He's like it's ridiculous, they'll recycle me for having a wrinkle in my bed!! I can't begin to imagine what that's like :( All I can do is hope he doesn't get recycled

Im sure he will not! Ive already booked plane tickets and everything so he BETTER not lol

Lol that's what I'm saying! Originally, my airman's two sisters, grandma, and I were not on the sheet he had to turn in before leaving bootcamp to clear us for the graduation... So we're hoping that we can still go to his graduation and his instructor accepts our info when we mail it to him... i'll be so sad if I cannot attend the graduation, but at least i'll still get to see him!!

You can still attend without him turning in your info :) there is an office on base and when you get there you go and they run a back ground check and will give you your papers. All you need is your drivers license! Cause what happened with mine is that they lost his papers there! so we called and they said not to worry about it :)

And he has until week 5 to add names to it :) After that you have to just get passes when you get there. So yall should be fine!

Okay! Thanks, that's awesome knowing that!! I'm so excited to see him. When are you headed to texas?! You'll have to let me know about your trip! :)

I leave March 13 :) And I will!!! I am excited to tell the dang world! I

Ah, that's getting close! It'll be here before you know it :) and I bet! I'll be the same way!! Are you going with him fam??


Well I am actually currently in a different state than his family lol But we are flying into the same airport and then staying together while we are there. Me and his mom and dad. I am really excited to see them too lol I am from SC but moved to Nebraska in December to stay with my best friend during her husbands deployment

Oh I see! That's awesome that you did that for her!! Talking to someone that knows what you're going through helps so much :)

Well technically she doesn't know what im going through lol He hasn't deployed yet because it got moved to May. And even then, she wont understand because during his deployment they get to Skype! We don't even have that ha... and she married him after all the hard parts lol BMT and Tech school!

Oh yeah, well she will soon learn! And yes, Skype and FaceTime will be nice during tech school! The night that my airman left we facetimed and it made it somewhat easier! Soon you'll be seeing your airman in person!! :)

I facetimed mine the night he left too!! haha AND I KNOW I AM SO EXCITEDDDD!!!! It is so weird to think that the person I thought I couldn't go a day without seeing, ive went almost two months without! And if I could do it again.. I wouldn't haha Its been rough! But I hope the next three weeks ZOOM by!

Haha, I thought the same thing! I would think about him leaving and me not being able to see him and I would just ball my eyes out. I wouldn't want to do it either!! Oh, I'm sure they will, time flies by :)

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he's lucky to have such a strong girl to support him :) good luck to you both

Awh, thank you! I'm not too sad, just miss him... I've accepted what he's chosen to do with his life and I know he's bettering it. He is so supportive of me and nursing school so I'm doing the same for him! I'm trying to stay positive :)

staying positive is your best weapon, trust me. im kinda going through a similar situation.

Yeah I feel like it is!! There's no point for me to be sad and moping around so I'm making the best is the situation.

that's good

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