Does anyone know if our Air Men can get pictures size 5x7?
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You can send pictures.I sent my husband a collage of them printed out on a sheet of paper and included them with his letters.they have a little drawer where they can keep stuff like that, that's where he kept all my letters lol send pics, they like it and it helps.I was surprised when me husband asked for them, I didn't think he'd miss me that much lol

I was sending little picture that I inserted to the bottom of the letter. Because u didn't think they could have them. With my air man we had just Recently became a couple. But have been friends for the pass for five years. I really didn't think he would miss me Or that him being away with chances feelings for me. But when he called and asked for the pictures and said how much he missed me and how much he was falling in love with me from just doing the little things I was doing It made me feel good. I guess absent really does make the heart grow Fonder.

Oh yes it does, bmt was a great thing for our relationship, it really made us stronger... I feel like all couples should have to go through something like that! It really puts your relationship inter perspective and it either makes you or breaks you! It should be a marriage requirement lol. I see way to many of my friends (at college) not knowing how to handle a week away from their bf's and cheat and it's insane! Sorry for the venting lol

You're fine lol I've been thinking the same thing. I see people put on Facebook how they don't know How to handle their boyfriend being gone for a day or two and I always want to say will try being away from him for almost 3 or more months!! I can say with him being gone Makes me feel like we can stand up to any situation that comes our way no matter how hard it is as long as you have support from each other and others you're okay. I'm glad I Found this site with people had that have gone through the same thing or doing the same thing. I'm sure he will be Surprise when he gets the real pictures instead of the ones on the letters lol. I got his letter yesterday which was four pages long which really surprised me!!

I don't know the exact answer to your question, but I would suggest that you make the picture a 3x5 if possible. They have lockers that they must keep neat and organized for inspections and by making it smaller, I feel that it would help in doing that. Just a suggestion :)

I have two already painted off. The ones he asked for. After that I didn't want to send any more do you think it would be okay?

Yeah, I do think it will be!