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My boyfriend Will is also leaving Novemebr 3 rd for basic to San Antonio.  I'm already lost and he hasn't even left.  I don't know what i'm going to do!! plus they changed basic fomr 6 weeks to 8 for NO REASON!! i'm so upset, now he doesn't get to come home for chrsitams.  How am i supose to survuive?!

Mare5505 Mare5505 22-25, F 81 Responses Oct 13, 2008

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wow this is real?<br />
i am not an AF gf im a USMC gf but i was just looking and this caught my eye<br />
okay im sorry but its 8 weeks....heaven forbid u be away for that long. He can CALL you!! wtf r u complaining about??? really? really? think about it...<br />
and holidays ur gunna complain about holidays??? my bf was deployed last year and missed freaking halloween thanksgiving christmas newyears valentinesday AND my bday.....guess freaking what?? hes being deployed again and is going to miss halloween thanksgiving christmas newyears valentines day our one year aniversary and my bday his bday summer my brothers wedding, hes missing it all bc hes going to be gone for 13 MONTHS to afghan...i unerstand basic training or boot is the the first taste and can be hard but put your situation into perspective plz and think about what you are complaining about....put it into perspective...what happens when hes deployed are you just not going to be able to hack it??? military relationships are hard thats what makes them selfless sacrifice to gain so suck it up grab your ovaries be a woman and stay strong bc hun it doesnt get easier and you better be prepared or your not gunna last

hey guys i just joined this thing and i usually dont do this kind of thing.. my boyfriend actually just got done with basic in san antonio a few months ago. It was so hard but if u get the chance to go there and see them graduate deff do it because it was one of the most exciting things of my life its wonderful!.. its hard at first but it get better and as soon as you see him you will find it so much easier even if he leaves again ":] and i thought it did go by fast and write them a lot they love it. and i felt like i became so much closer to him by writing :]

yea im asking the same question you are. mine is leaving most likly in august. maybe september. its all so crazy and not being able to see or talk to them at all at first, im going nuts right now too. :(

yea im asking the same question you are. mine is leaving most likly in august. maybe september. its all so crazy and not being able to see or talk to them at all at first, im going nuts right now too. :(

im still in HS, so i had classes to pass the time by. plus im in activities inside and outside school. just keep busy, talk to ppl and keep a positive attitude. if you need anything, just message =]

its gets SOOOOOOOOOOOOO easy after basic. My fiance is at Sheppard AFB and we talk every day all day!

Hey girls, <br />
I'm new to this site, but my boyfriend of two years left for basic on december 2nd. He missed christmas and new years. When reading this i totally knew what you were going through. It's good to know that i'm not alone. I can relate to you because none of my friends have ever dealt with relationships that are long distance with little communication. Your tips were very helpful ! I hope your airmen are all doing great. <br />
P.s.- do any of you know if it gets easier after basic?? <br />
<br />

hey thanks girl!!! yeah everyday gets a little easier. He actually got hurt and had to go to medical dorm for like 3 days so i was lucky to have gottento talk to him for like 30 min each night!!! His flight is grad. in the first time for th new 8 week sucks but only 5 more weeks!!!! yay! thanks girl! where you from?

Hey.<br />
I just went to Lackland to see my boyfriend graduate from basic and it was incredible. I thought it was the end of the world when he left, but trust me you'll get through. You'll definately need your friends and lots of pictures. They dont have a lot of time to write letters so dont feel like he forgot you if you dont get that many. Its hard but look at all of these people who are going through the same thing or have already been through it. STAY STRONG.<br />
<br />

i hope so too! I'm sure he will. :)

i hope....i know he will on thanksgiving b/c he got that operation home cooking. where he leaves base and goes to a fmaily and they cook him a hot diner. and he gets to use the phone for as long as he wants!!!! i hope he going crazy!!!!!!!

I'm sure your man will call you soon too!!!!!!!

haha...a girl T.I? hmm...i wonder! well thats great! glad he called you!

he called me last night at 8:40 and he has a girl T.I he is doing well and he has a good flight! he has recieved my letters and he told me to wrtie longer ones lol.

OMG!!! you suck! thats not fair!!!!!!!!! when??? ugh, he must have a decent T.I. not fair girl, not fair. I know only 2 more weeks for me too!!!

jordon called me!!!!!!!!

thanks girl...yeah i know! I mean i'm about to go crazy thinking about it...jsut a couple more weeks of school and i'm out for thanksgiving and then thats when it'll happen! This is getting a lil easier as the days go on but not much

mind is (910) 340 9002!!! Thanks for the #, and my name is Elayna Cannon. But everyone just calls me "Layne" like you know Lois Lane? lol I cant wait to here my baby's voice either. Its gonna be a splendid day!!

yes for sure!!!! heres mine...(423) 488-4502. YOu can call me any time you'd like full name is MAry Beth Collins jsust so ya know. I can't wait to hear his voice!!! AHHH its going to be an amazing day!!!

You mean the adopt an airman thing? I heard families can take them in for thankgiving and they can have a good meal, but they can use their fone that day?!!? OMG!!!!! I DIDNT KNOW THAT!!! IM SO EXCITED NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS!!!! oh yeah they would be proud! :) This is awesome, I'm so happy!!! I hope we can meet up would you like my phone number? I'll be willing to talk you know, if you have a rough time or something. :)

yeah it sucked didn't it....ugh! BUT that "operation homecooking" where if you have family in San anotonio you can go to their house for a holiday for the day and eat and use their phone for as long as you want! So i'm counting down the days now until i get to talk to him on Thanksgiving!!!! THANK GOD!!! hes FLT 079...but thats cool that they will grad together. We could still try and meet up and meet! Thatd be cool after talking like this and sahring stroies...our men would be impressed!

oh yeah theywill together. wait you dont know what training group he is in? sorry i think i put it wrong before, jorodon TRS is 323 and his flt is 087.<br />
yeahi didnt get to hear my baby's voice either,his mom just send it to me in an email

hey...yeah i finally got an adress...i was with his parents when he called and i never got to hear him...i wanted to SO badly! hes in FLT 079....not your guys but they will grad at the same time i think! they all do right?

yeah they cut the last part of Jordon's, I had to look it up. I guess you can waith for the post card or call in for his address. <br />
<br />
To get your Airman's mailing address call (210) 671-3024.<br />
<br />
Did you try calling his mom or something? Maybe she got his address and his call to you was just a call to say hey im ok.

UGH!!!! that makes me so mad! we got a call today later after i wrote you..but he didn't give an address or flight number! i was so pissed! its like they cut him off.

yep his is 323! I'm surprised you havnet gotten a call though...ive had jordons address since wednesday

dude hell yeah it would!!!! here in a couple of weeks we will have to exchange numbers and info about the boys and maybe we can....thats be so cool!!! doyou know his flight number yet>

YAY!! hey so you are going to graduation right? I hope I can make it out there, maybe we coudl run into each other. Wouldnt it be crazy if our boys were in the same flight? :P

YAY!! hey so you are going to graduation right? I hope I can make it out there, maybe we coudl run into each other. Wouldnt it be crazy if our boys were in the same flight? :P

Tomorrow (monday) will be a week since i've seen him..the day we dropped him off. We are wating for a phone call today (sunday) from him with his address then we can start sending messages. I know 59 more days to go!!! wHOO!! haha