Dreading the Next 4 Years.

My boyfriend of 3 years just left for USAF basic training yesterday and I am already having a hard time. He hasn't even arrived in Texas yet, so he still has his phone and i can still talk to him, but when I can't talk to him anymore it's going to drive me insane. I have seen him everyday for the passed 3 years. He's my best friend, the one I tell everything to, and now he's gone. I have no idea how I'm going to handle this. He's the love of my life. I can't stand being away from him for more than a day..let alone months at a time. I'm besides myself and I have no idea what to do.

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Oh Hun, I know exactly what you are going through. My boyfriend leaves for BMT soon and then will be leaving for Texh Training almost immediately after that. He hasn't even left yet and it I already driving me to tears.

This was written four years ago what happened?

Take it one day at a time...it is horribly hard and you'll miss him a lot but you will be what keeps him going

My boyfriend of about 2 years is in for the next 6years of our lives. We practically grew up together and were no doubt best friends above everything else. I feel the exact same way but you just gotta take each day for what it is and have faith that things will be just fine. All you need is each others love and support,don't ever take that for granted

I have never had a military boyfriend, but my grandfathers and stepgrandfathers all were in one branch of the military or another. I am supportive of the troops for they have to be away from you gals for so long without lots of extra contact. But I am also a supporter of the development of the kind of world peace that will keep our boys--and girls--home for good. (You gals really make me wanna write a song about all this!)

Mine left for basic today he leaves the hotel he's at in Louisville tomorrow for Texas, but his phone got shut off a few days ago so we can't talk :( I'm so lost right now its crazy. :( hope it gets better after the first few days!!

Same exact thing that's happened to me. But he's in for 6 years.

Mine also signed for 6 years.. Not the most comforting thought.

It'll be a rough ride. But I'm willing to go through it. He's worth the wait.

Mine too :/ and my boyfriend didn't find out that his contract was for six years until the day before he left

My boyfriend of 2 1/2 years leaves in about 19 days and I'm so nervous, we live together and spend a lottt of time together if we aren't together we're texting. So this is gunna be hard on me. I'm very pround of him,I'm just scared to lose him in the end. Thanks for everything everyone has posted on her its nice to see other girls going threw the same thing.

I noticed the date on your comment, my bf left yesterday!! We have been together a long time too, 4.5 years. He graduates Sept. 14th. Is that the same as your boyfriend?

I think our boyfriends are graduating together :)

I haven't been with my boyfriend as long as you, but i still love him very much, and he left this past Tuesday to go to Texas for basic training. It's been the hardest 3 days of my life. We were always together everyday all day and most nights. I understand what you're going through, but writing him everyday, telling him everything while he is gone helps. And try to stay positive, because as hard as this is for you. . . it's 10X harder for him! If you wanna talk or ask questions feel free! Good luck! :)

You'll be fine :) It takes getting used to, but it does get easier. I promise.

you sound exactly like me when my Airman had left to BMT! i feel your pain hun but u jst gotta be strong...it will get better dont worry just keep your head up nd dont give up...you can write him everyday. tech skewl is so much easier you will get to talk a lottttt more nd it will make you feel so much better and you can go visit on weekends. my airman also going through that too, hes a mechanic for planes too and im jsut hoping everything turns out for the best. dont worry us Airman Gfs will support one another and get thru this together. =] stay strong luv!

Awwww yeah I know exactly how you feel, mine leaves in a week so I'll be in the same shoes as you very soon ): I'm really scared for when he actually leaves, I know I will be beside myself as well, It's hard keeping it together now as it is ):

I know these comments where written almost 3 years ago so idk if ill get a reply or not but your guys story really helped me. My bf is leaving in 7 days for bootcamp and im only a senior in high school so like kkazoo2213 whenever I tak about it no one seems to under stand. Most people throw negative things at me like oh he will prob meet someone down there and you guys will grow apart because he is going to tech school directly after bootcamp and his tech school is 8 1/2 months or that was what he was told anyways I really hope its earlier...... but anyways if you guys do still get on here and read these thank you so much for sharing your story and where are you guys now did everything work out like you hoped it would????

The way I coped with BMT was everytime I found myself wanting to tell him something I wrote him a letter. He got multiple letters at once buy it allowed him to still be apart of everything that was going on and let me show him he had support back home. It doesn't hurt to add a little perfume to your letters, my airman told me he forgot what woman smells like so it was always great to get my letters. I hope I helped some. This is just the beginning and it doesn't get any easier to be in different places but handling it greatly improves when he gets his phone back! :)

Okay, so my boyfriend will enter flight school as a First LT. and will be going through navigator training. Does anyone know anything about the flight school training? I'm not extremely informed about the Air Force and just has some questions. Will it vary in length like other tech school training? If they live on ba<x>se is it like kkazoo2213 said, is that simply like college or is it different since he'll be an officer? Just wanting some answers please :)

dontdread the four years. they will be ok. the worst is supposed to be the bmt. and if you have made it thyree years already this wont be so bad. you can write anything in a letter tell him everything. hes still there for you where ever there maybe.

dontdread the four years. they will be ok. the worst is supposed to be the bmt. and if you have made it thyree years already this wont be so bad. you can write anything in a letter tell him everything. hes still there for you where ever there maybe.

I'm going through the exact same thing right now. Kyle left for texas today- what happens within the first couple days? are they able to contact you or no? this is depressing to think this is the last time in months that ill be able to talk to him consistently and text him...

to me, it shows the actual love behind it, because when I was faced with the idea of breaking up because I heard a lot of guys do before, I was freaking out, because every time I thought about it I felt my first experience of 'heart strings' like, an actual pull on my heart...crazy, but true...

they probably were. there was new groups coming in left and right haha. but that really sucks that you got into a fight right before he left. :/ but it's good that you're on talking terms. i don't think my guy is stressed..he just says it's A LOT of work lol. but yeah, i think it's stupid when they break up with them for that reason...it's not like it's going to make you miss them any less haha. but i couldn't imagine my life without him, so i would never even think of that. but thank you so much!

I think my ex (because of all of this... it was just easier for him to be single) was in boot in Texas the same time your boyfriend was! About a week earlier. <br />
I was really upset. We got into a fight before he left... So that made things hard on me. I wrote him a few times. Saw him on New Years as a friend. On talking terms now. He's so stressed out with tech school I wish I could help! <br />
<br />
I'm so glad that you stuck with your guy! I have a lot of male friends that are in the armed forces and their girls just dump them because it's "too hard". Good luck to you two!!!<br />
<br />

yeah same here. he didn't get there until the 4th either. and that was so cute how he told you he loved you before he left. but you really should come in contact with his family so you can send those letters. because if you don't know any of his info there is no way you'll be able to get his address. you definitely need to talk to his parents. mail is the most important thing for a trainee. <br />
<br />
if you ever need anyone to talk to, i'm here.

Aw my boyfriend left on the 3rd too, but got to the base in San Antonio on the 4th. We've been going out for only 2 months which sucks because we just started going out. but i knew him WAY before we started dating. it was hard to see him go and only got to see him like 30 mins before he left. and it was really hard when we said goodbye because he told me he loved me for the first time and that he's never told any of his past girlfriends that ever. Oh and he left on our one month =(<br />
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i've only met his parents once and have no contact with them so i don't know his address or anything. i know that there's a number you can call to find out his address but it said that you need to know their social security number and i have no clue what it is. i wrote letters since the day he left that i've been wanting to send out but i don't know his address or his flight number.

i'm doing a little better. everyday is a struggle for me. i think about him all the time. and this is my 3rd week without him. it will get easier though. i write him every night and i make sure to tell him how proud i am of him. that's a must when you're writing to him. i do tell him how much i miss him, but you can't go overboard because things like that will make BMT worse because he's thinking about you. make sure to ALWAYS tell him how proud you are. and just give let him know everything that is going on back at home. if he's into sports send him some scores. him and his friends would definitely enjoy that! :)<br />
<br />
but if you ever need anyone to talk i'm here, and i always respond.

Reading your story was exactly how I felt the day after my boyfriend left. I am almost at a week without him, and I am doing a lot better, how about you?

that's what i'm worried about. my boyfriend is going to be a crew chief for the planes..not sure which ones. but that's what i'm worried about. he's going to be all over. i don't want to get stuck behind. :(

He's a "crew dog" for the new air force figther aircraft-the F22 Raptor. which means he will be deployed because barely any people are allowed to work on those planes so mechanics are needed wherever the planes go

i can't stress how helpful you have been to me. you have made things so much easier. i was thinking tech school wouldn't be so bad because we could talk. but i'm hoping he gets lucky like your boyfriend and gets out in 2 1/2 months haha. but i won't get my hopes up. but we both know for sure that we want to marry each other, i just don't know when it's going to happen. we even went as far as to picking out where we were thinking of having it and our honeymoon spot. what job is your boyfriend going to be doing?

You are so awesome kkazoo! You are so strong. You have really helped me out in your writing. Thank you so much!

Don't worry about Tech school, it will get so much easier when he gets there. It is basically like they are in college. they go to class for a long time each day but then they pretty much have the rest of the day to talk to you after they study and clean. And it is not necessarily 6 months. My boyfriends tech school turned out to only be 2 1/2 and he graduates the day before he gets christmas leave. Then he goes to his base in Florida for the next 5 years...(that sucks) But I understand, im only 17 and he is 19 and we do plan on getting married but not for a long time. And I plan on transfering to a college in the same town as his AFB in Florida after my first or second year in college(if i can afford it-it is so far away). I know it will be tough but it is what we planned on doing before he decided to go into the air force and we love eachother and we are dedicated so it is still our plan. I miss him alot, and it is really hard because Im still a senior in high school and no one even slightly understands anything and most people dont even know. thanks for talking, your the first person ive ever really talked to this much about everything. its helping just getting my thoughts out. And I have a feeling that if he truly loves you that he will talk to you about wanting to get married because in the first letter i got from my bf he said that he finally for sure realized that he does want to marry me, it wasnt just talk between us anymore, he knew.

thanks! it helped a lot. i actually send him a text with a summary of my day every night before i go to bed. i know he won't get it until he gets out..but it's just something i thought would be good. i haven't started writing him letters yet because i have no idea where to send them to ha. but as soon as i do i'm going to write him everyday. it is so hard for me to not talk to him. i can't even stomach any food because i'm hurting so much. i'm just hoping these 2 months fly by because i don't think i can do this for that much longer. and then the 6 months after basic for tech school...i don't know how i'm going to handle that. i know i'm only 19 and he's 18..but i want to get married soon so i can be with him on base because i hate being away from him..but i don't know if he wants to do that..and i don't want to mention to him how much i want to marry him because i don't want to think i'm rushing him into it. i want him to do it on his own. but anyway..thanks for all your help. it means so much. i don't have anyone to talk to about this. i have one friend who's in a long distance relationship with her boyfriend and she goes sometimes 4 months at a time without seeing him. but they can still call each other and talk everyday. but she's away at school so it's not as easy to talk to her. but you've been a great help. how are you and your boyfriend doing now?

Um he called me once about half way through, and then his T.I. wouldn't grant them phone calls again until about the week and 1/2 before graduation. By that point I was already in San Antonio on vacation waiting to go to his graduation and we talked like maybe 5 times in a couple of days. I only got back 4 letters from him. Again his T.I. kept saying that he'd let them send out letters but they didnt get to until about 1/2 way through and I got 3 at once and the next week one more. They literally do not have any time to write back. He said he felt so bad that he couldn't write me back but I sent him a million letters and he said that he had more letters than anyone and that made him feel really really good and really helped him through. For me sitting down and writing letters made me feel a lot better and closer to him even if he wasn't able to respond. And if you dont get a response back really fast dont assume it is his fault. It was so hard but I just wrote down everything that happened in every day while he was gone just like he would know if he was still here. Hope this helped, ask as many questions as you need

thanks to both of you. but kkazoo..how many times did your boyfriend get to call home? and how many letters did you recieve? it's so hard not to hear his voice everyday..and not talk to him. i'm having such a hard time. :(

My boyfriend of 3 years left for Basic in August, now he is in Tech School in TX, I live in KS. I'll get to see him for Christmas, and I went to his BMT Graduation. It is hard, but we love eachother and plan to get married in the future. I know I'm young and people think I'm crazy but I don't care. If you want to talk about it I'm here, and just went through what you're about to experience.

I'm going through the same thing. It's very hard, mine of 2 years left on the 3rd of this month. I cry a lil everyday but it helps! It starts to get a lil bit easier..I just want time to fly by..