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I have known my boyfriend since I was 13, now I'm 17 almost 18, and we have been dating for over 3 years. This summer, right before the start of my Senior year he joined the Air Force. I am so proud of him and could'nt be happier of his choice of military branch. It has been hard, BMT sucked but it is in the past now. He was in San Antonio and I went to his graduation (GO IF YOU CAN! IT WILL LITERALLY MEAN  THE WORLD TO HIM!)  He is currently in Tech School still in TX, which was okay for about a week until he got placed on Swing Shift and now goes to school (and can't talk) at exactly the times I am able to talk to him. So far I have been dedicated and I let him call me when he gets back from school around 1:30 in the morning everyday. We talk for a little while but it is hard because most of the time I am either cranky for being woken up, I don't remember any of our conversation and I deprive myself of sleep. Even though we are young we are in love. We have plans for the future and hope to be married someday. In January he is going to Florida and will be stationed there. I know he will probably be deployed sometime after that but I have plans of tranfering to FL after my first year of college to be closer to him. We have been through a lot together and we are not letting this stand in the way of our dreams. If you want it to work and last it will, you just have to always remember to be mature about it and communicate.

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What job does he have? My Airmen finished tech school in TX and is now stationed in Yuba City, Cali. He is also on swing shift and it is REALLY hard to talk to him. He gets home around 2am my time. I understand what you are going through. Message me if you ever want to talk!

My story exactly. I'm a senior and my boyfriend of two years leaves in a few days. And advice on getting through BMT?

Wow, sounds just like me. Senior year and mine is leaving for BMT in 2 weeks (San Antonio).

Sounds like my story :)

Your story sounds similar to my story haha! I have been with my boyfriend for four years and he just left two weeks ago. I was wondering about the communication in BMT, but reading the comments I can see that they don't get much time. I appreciate you explaining that because his mother and I actually screwed up his mailing address because of the little time they get to read that note card. The first Sunday I got a 30 second call and he sounded upset. He didn't talk much, just to say "ILOVEYOU.GOTTAGO.BYE" Really fast and I'm not even sure he was allowed to call me because he had called his mom right before me. But I'm wondering how you got through it and how you handled the hard times and emotions that come with being apart after being so close for so long?

this sounds a lot like me too, I didn't realize that they were only allowed to read letters at certain times and write back for only 15 minutes or however long....that really made me kind of see things in a different light. thankyou!

Oh, God, this sounds too much like me. I'm so sorry! -hugs-

My boyfriend of almost two years left for bootcamp in San Antonio, Texas on October 13th. I miss him soo much and was very sad when he told me that he wasn't coming home right after boot camp. He has to go through another three weeks after bootcamp for tech school. He will be returning to me on December 19th. Im hanging in there though, while in bootcamp he sent me wonderful letters and now that he graduated this week from bootcamp he has been calling me a lot. I can't wait till monday (two more days) when he will have his dorm room and will be able to call me everyday! I'm really glad that I found some people that are going through the same ordeal as me.

how far after are you thinking? In tech school its kinda like going to college, but um..military style! lol i mean he will be able to call you and talk to you on the internet when he can, but he still has PC and curfews. All his "freedoms" come from earning them still. Tech school is broken up into phases, as they pass into each phase they get more privleges such and being to able to leave base, drive a car, wear civilian clothing etc. To pass each phase they have to pass tests. just like an exam in college. After his completes tech school he will get to come home for a period of time. This is called leave, after his leave he will be stationed and live in that location as long and his contract says. :) Hope this helped a lil

I really liked this, thanks.<br />
My boyfriend just graduated from Lackland and is also still in TX for tech school, and I have no clue what happens from here on out. He's been in tech school for 4 days but he's still getting used to it and I just know whats giong on for him.... What should I know about what happens after BMT? <br />
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What job does he do? Yeah, I do exactly the same thing, talk for a few mins in the middle of the night then usually for a few more minutes right before I go to school. It really sucks, but I cherish Saturdays and Sundays. I also hope that my bf gets a normal schedule once he goes to Florida because I don't know if I could do this for years instead of months! Crazy, I didn't think I'd ever talk to anyone who is going through this exact thing. Its only 33 days till I get to see him, I'm so excited!!!

My man is in Texas for tech school too, at Sheppard. He works at nights and sleeps during the day, so its tough. But when he comes home, he calls me, which is five in the morning every day. I pretty much just say I love you then he lets me go back to sleep. But then we talk a few more minutes when I wake up, just as he is ready to go to sleep. It sucks, but he comes home next month, and will hopefully have a normal schedule once he gets to arkansas. And I did go to his graduation..it was AMAZING.

He called me maybe 4-5 times. He had the toughest T.I. and he only wrote me 4 times but that was all of the time he ever had to. The T.I.'s decide when they get to mail letters home and when they get to read the letters sent to them. My baby said they only had like 10-15 minutes a night after they were given letters to write back and if they were caught writing after lights out(which happened a lot) they got in pretty big trouble. So if you dont get a response back fast dont worry, its not his fault. I got really impatient and i shouldn't have. It is the hardest thing not being able to hear his voice but for me writting letters made me feel closer to him and I just told him everything i could think of. he said he had the most letters out of everyone and it made him feel really good and it really helped him to hear from me and get my support an love. hope this helped a little bit, you can ask as many questions as you need, im here

My boo is in boot camp right now. Can you tell me anything about it? Like how many times did he call you? And did he get to write back to your letters? I sent my baby one today, so im wondering if i will get a reply. :P I'm really missing him and its hard for me sometimes to not be able to hear his voice. Thanks!