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My name is Angela. I'm 23 years old and I have a 18 month old son named Aiden. My boyfriend Josh and I have been dating for almost a year. He just left for boot camp on the 28th of October. He plans on becoming a firefighter for the Air Force. He's in Texas right now and I haven't heard from him since the day he left. I don't have his address or anything yet so I can't even write to him.

Hopefully I'll hear from him soon though. Anyway, I'm new to this whole thing, I don't really know much about the Air Force or how it all works, so any advice you ladies can give me would be greatly appreciated!!

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My boyfriend is going to be a firefighter too!

Hooray! I'm excited for you! make sure you write him bunches of letters, they are like gold to him right now.

I just wanted to let you ladies know that I got Josh's address!!!! I called his mom and she said that he had called last week and said that he was ok and gave them his address. So I'm sending the letters I've written him so far tomorrow. I can't wait for him to get them!! :)<br />
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I know he probably won't be able to write much, but I feel better knowing that he'll be getting something to hopefully brighten his day.<br />
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Anyway I'm just really excited. hehe!!!

no problem! Anytime you need help just message me! :)<br />
I'm happy i could help you!

Thank you so much for the info.! It helped a lot!! I'm thinking about calling his mom today and seeing if she's heard from him. I think he probably understandably would've given his mom the address if he only got one call or whatever. At least if I get his address, I can write to him even if he's not able to write back a whole lot. I just miss him. I miss him so much and I just wish I could hear his voice. I won't be able to go to his graduation because I just can't afford to fly out there. (I live in California) He said he'll get to go home for Christmas and New Years cause he'll be done with boot camp already, so I'm planning on flying to Florida to be with him then cause that's where he lives. <br />
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Anyway, thank you again. I'm sure I'll have more questions later on. :)

Hi! Welcome!<br />
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He will be able to call very soon. Usually they call after week "0" Week Zero doesnt count as a full week because they arent there for a full week. On the first call his has about two minutes to say "im ok" and spit out his address. After that he has to get off to let the other people on to call home also. He could have called another family member to give his address. If you know anyone he might call then you might want to get up with them to see if they have recieved anything. Also, they send a postcard just in case they were unable to give their address to anyone. So look out for that too! If you dont know after a few weeks still you can call in and ask for his address.<br />
"An Airman is required by regulation to get one initial phone call to give you his/her address and to let you know that they are fine. Other phone calls during training are strictly up to the individual training instructor. If you have not received a call within 2 weeks, you can call (210) 671-3024. Keep in mind that your Airman may have opted to call a friend or spouse.<br />
To get your Airman's mailing address call (210) 671-3024.<br />
In case of family emergencies contact your local Red Cross to make contact. Emergencies include:<br />
Death in the immediate family.<br />
Serious illness in the immediate family.<br />
Birth announcement (wife of trainee)"<br />
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It is very intense , but he will be fine and make it through. You might not hear from him again for awhile after the first call, once you do get his address write as many letters to him as you can! My friend told me letters and food were the two things that kept him going through boot camp. Letter help keep them connected tot he outside world, so do write often, and give them lots of support and encouragement! They will definately need it. Once they are in their last week of BMT, they will be sending home graduation invitations. Graduation is 4 days the thrus of thier last week till that sunday. There are many ceremonies to attend and specific times to spend with your Air man! After that weekend is over, they will ship off to Tech school, and will be schooled there. <br />
At Tech school is it much easier, they will be able to have cell fones to call you whenever they can, and they will have laptops. you can talk by email, instant message..etc. The duration of tech school veries on what job they ar going for. He will tell you all that when he finds out. Then after tech school he will be stationed! :) <br />
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Hope this helps a bit. My bf left on the 3rd of this month. If you need any hope or support I'm here day and night. :) And all the other ladies on here are great! Make sure to read other stories! It helps alot!