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My name is Michelle and I am 18 years old.  I have been dating my boyfriend, Eric, for a year and half now.  He went into in The USAF a year ago and went into Security for the bases.  I was not worried about him when he was there because I knew that he was safe and will be soon be in my arms again.  But I did miss him so much anyway it did not matter.  But he got sent into Iraq three months ago.  I am worried shitless about him all the time and it seems like no one cares at all.  And I need help.

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my bf is in security forces and he's in iraq also. he's been gone a little over three months, and I worry about him every single minute of every day. I won't stop worrying until he's home...<br />
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People think it's "safer" since he's in iraq instead of afghanistan or somewhere more dangerous, but I can't stop myself from feeling an overwhelming sense of dread about it. <br />
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I'm literally counting the days till he comes home (74 days to go currently, unless they get pushed back!)

Wow! I can only imagine how difficult that must be for him to be that far away. We're here for you though. :)

I am 18 too. I dont know what its like to go through a deployment, but my boyfriend left today to go to basic for security forces and I was worried about him going to iraq. My mom told me today some type of document was signed that said US troops need to be completely out of iraq by june 2009. They have already started deciding which troops are going to start coming home. I hope this makes you feel a little better!

Well we are hear to help! Hi I'm 18 too and I'm in college. I'm on here alot so if you need anything message me! Just stay strong, have you heard anything from him? Can you communicate somehow?