My Airman

I Am a United States Air Force Girlfriend.

I actually am a fiancee. And things are difficult. Here is my story.

We were juniors in high school. We had the same junior English class, which is where we met. He had a girlfriend at the time, and he would make gestures to his best friend, Jack, who sat right next to me, during our silent free write time. One day, I thought he was signaling to me. From that day on, we would gesture to eachother across the classroom. Then, we started on the play The Crucible. I volunteered to play Mrs. Putnam at the exact same time he volunteered to be Mr. Putnam. So we started off married. A few days later I learned that his girlfriend broke up with him after almost one year. He didn't come to school. A few days later, we played Rock, Paper, Scissors to see who had to get up and walk over to who in a free work day. I lost, so I went over to him. He asked me if I wanted to go on a date, and I said yes so I gave him my number. Apparently, he couldn't believe it when I said yes because I was a cheerleader and he stereotyped me as the "cheerleader" type, but I am different. And he learned that on our first date. It was on March 2, 2007. He started work at a new job that same day, but at night, we saw a movie, ate at McDonald's and he bought me flowers. He didn't have his license yet, so after I dropped him off at his house, we kissed. But I kissed his chin. So we tried again and I got his lips. I remember is that he smelled really good. After saying bye, I backed out of the drive way and somehow  managed to run over his mailbox. He saw it happen and he laughed. I just drove off. All of his friends referred to me as "mailbox girl". I felt bad. But it was raining that night. I agreed to go on a second date with him, but also found out my parents were planning to divorce and I didn't want to deal with a boyfriend too. So, I told him I didn't feel anything for him on our date. He was upset, but it was my truth. A few weeks later, I went to Cincinnati, Ohio with my grandparents to visit family friends. I was bored a lot when it was Happy Hour for everyone, so Corey and I talked on the phone constantly, for hours. I found out he was also texting my best friends and asking them things about me. He wanted to get to know me becauce he liked me so much and saw that I truly was unique, nothing like any other girl. I am a dork, I laugh at everything, and I come up with my own words. He liked that I sing and that I am funny. Starting with that point in Ohio, we talked on the phone every night. We stayed up til possibly two in the morning, even on school nights, and took turns calling eachother. I did see other movies with him, like Music and Lyrics and Spiderman 3. I told him I considered them "friend dates". But I got to know him so well every night we talked. I never wanted to admit it but I was falling for him. I had to hear his caring voice every night or else I couldn't go to sleep. But I was still scared. At the end of May in 2007, a few months later, I went to Disneyland with my choir. I talked to him on the phone every night there too, which is when my best friend, Cassie, made me realize that I liked him. A lot. So, in June, after I sang "Way Back Into Love" from Music and Lyrics at my school's Night of the Arts, we all went out to dinner afterwards, his friends and mine. He told me my voice took his breath away. After diner, we went to his best friend's house to watch movies. It was the first time I fell asleep in his arms. I remember feeling how fast his heart was racing. I knew he was thinking of how finally, FINALLY, he had me next to him and I know he enjoyed it. So, on June 14, we started dating and had a wonderful summer romance. He originally was planning on joinging the Navy after high school. But as senior year came to a beginning, he decided to be the third family generation to enlist in the Air Force. I supported him with it, all through school. And never really thought about what would happen when we graduated. For my senior year Night of the Arts, I found a guitarist to play for me, in my act. I sang "Landslide" and met him at a friends birthday party. He was twenty two, and I was still only eighteen, but we liked eachother a lot and Corey and I kept fighting, SO much, over EVERYTHING. So I realized that it was time to be over with him. I had a fling with my guitarist, but I never did date him. Corey tried getting back together with me, many times. But I decided it would just hurt, since he was leaving for basic training soon. But, eventually, I realized that I still did love him more then ever, and he promised to be only good to me, and make our last three weeks of high school the best weeks ever. So, he did. They were nothing like ever before. He was an *** at prom, but after our breakup he learned to appreciate me. I felt bad for leaving my guitarist in the dirt, but I had to go with my heart. He loved me, but I couldn't love him back because I only loved Corey. However, the future, with him leaving for the Air Force and me in college scared me, so we agreed that we would go seperate ways at midnight, the day Corey leaves, which was June 17, 2008, only three days after graduating high school. When he left, I decided I didn't want to see other guys, no matter who I met in college, I already knew no one else would compare to my Corey. So, I devoted myself to his weekly letters from basic training. They always made me cry and I still reread them occasionally. There is just something so romantic about them. Finally, after six and a half weeks passed slowly, I flew to San Antonio with his family and we watched him graduate, on his eighteenth birthday, at Lackland Air Force Base. When we were dismissed to find him, I didn't recognize my man in blue. He looked so still and was looking forward. It was a moment I will never forget. He admitted that he wanted to cry when he saw me. We had the most amazing time on base and walking around the city with him, in his uniform. On August 1, he proposed to me in our hotel suite. The family was down in the pool, and it was just us. He told me that he thought about his future so much during the time we couldn't talk, and he needed to have me in his future. I said yes. The next day, we saw the Alamo and went to the top of the Tower of the Americas. He told his parents we were engaged, and so they wanted him to propose again, on the tower. So, he got down on his knee, in uniform, and proposed. People around clapped and the family took pictures. I was so happy :) Eventually, though, it was time to go home. But this goodbye was easier, since I knew I was going to marry him AND after he got to Tech school at Sheppard AFB in Texas, we could talk daily through the internet and his cell phone. We have made it work, and we talk through web cam. We decided to get married next August, knowing we will only be nineteen. But, we have our problems still, since it is a long distant relationship, and so we decided to call off the wedding next summer. He wants to wait til I am done with college. But no matter what, I know he is the man for me, he is my Corey. Watching him transition from a boy to a man is the most amazing thing I have seen in my life, and I am so thankful for it. He was suppose to come home for Thanksgiving but his Commander changed his mind. The next time I see him will be December 15. He will stay until January 4, which is when he goes to the base in Little Rock, Arkansas where he will be stationed for a while. I am thankful that he will be here for my nineteenth birthday, Christmas, and New Years. Our story is so unique and different. It is all meant-to-be and I wouldn't go back to rewrite any of it, no matter what. I know that when he comes home, he will give me my engagement ring, and from that moment on, we will continue to be in love, whether he has his high-school curls or his fresh new manly shaved head. He is mine, and I am his. Always and forever. <3

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Your story is incredible! it gives me hope in my relationship! he is at tech school right now and its hard right now cause i barely get to talk to him :/

This story is so amazing. I really hope you two are together and happy still. (:

Hahaha. I hope you guys are doing well. This story is awesome.

Your story is awesome! it made me cry....i have been with my boyfriend for a year and almost two months and before he left he gave me a promise ring and it has been the hardest thing i have ever gone through. I know its a few years later so i hope you guys worked out and are married! so happy for you to :)

Aw! I loved this story! I agree with you about how there's nothing better than watching them transition from boy to man. I didn't meet my Airman until about 5 years ago when I was visiting my sister and just recently started dating him. There's a 5 year age difference between us, I'm 22 and he's 27, but I don't care. I hope that he and I will make it as you and Corey have made it! Thanks for letting the rest of us know that there is hope for our own futures with our Airmen!

What a sweet story!!! I think that's great that you've both stuck by eachother through all of that. We're here for ya girly!

Oh my gosh, that story was so sweet and romantic! I wish you the best of luck, I'm so happy for you.

Aww! That is wonderful! I can't wait for my guy to get out! He is in the new 8 1/2 week training!! I can't wait to go to his graduation!