Boyfriend Leaves For Airforce 11/17

So I am not too sure how to begin this, I usually dont do this type of thing. So I will start from the begining I guess. How our relationship progressed because he hasnt always wanted to be in the airforce. When I met my boyfriend I wasnt looking to fall in love. I wasnt looking for a boyfriend at all. I had just gotten out of a very long relationship (almost 7 years), and he was actually in a relationship. The day that I met him I knew he was special. People always talk about love at first sight and soul mates, but I never believed in it. I always thought love was something you had to build up to. So we met on March 15th, 2008 at a friends house. After that night we couldnt get enough of eachother. I never gave him my phone number, but one night right after we met he texted me and asked if I wanted to hang out. I said yes, but we always ended up having someone tag along. His girlfriend broke up with him not long after I met him. 2 weeks tops. He was hurt and I comforted him. In april we decided to date... until his ex came home. (she was in the military) Right before she got back she saw that he was dating me and told him she wanted him back. Long story short we broke up and I continued to support him. Him and his ex did not get back together and the only time she contacts him now is to make me upset. So back to may. We went to prom together even though we werent dating and I had the best time ever! We stayed close after we broke up and while his ex was home. We still hung out everyday, we still had a spark going. At the end of May he came to my highschool graduation and cheered me on. I was so excited to have his support! In June we went to senior week which was fun. I had an amazing summer! He was accepted into the airforce I believe on June 6th. There were delays because the first time he went to meps in april he had heart problems and had to go back. That day I will never forget. It was like a nightmare and I didnt want to be near him. I felt like he betrayed me. No matter how hard I tried I couldnt stay away from him though. I felt so lost and hurt. After we got over that hump I was okay. He had asked me to date him a couple of times but I had never answered him when he asked. I felt like he was leaving and I didnt want to do the whole long distance thing, I was too scared. We were really close though and could go to eachother for anything.  I knew I had fallen in love with him. Finally in july I wrote him a note telling him I wanted to date him and how perfect we were for eachother. When I started college I thought it was just a speed bump for what is ahead. We didnt get to see eachother as much, and even though we only went a couple of days without seeing eachother it still hurt. The day he found out when he was to leave he was coming to visit me at my college. He got a speeding ticket onhis way down so he had to call his recruiter and tell her. She told him about the opening she had for november 17th and my heart crushed. I felt like a million pounds were on my chest. I coped though and we enjoyed our time together. WE had fallen in love and neither of us was looking for it. We had made it through a lot, and this was just going to be another test of our relationship. 6 months to go and I am counting down the days already. I love him more than anything in this world. Everyone sees that. My mom keeps on telling me I will end up following him, but how can she be so sure? I know in my heart this was meant to be, but there is a lot our relationship will be going through in the next few months.

Today I took my boyfriend to the recruiters so he could leave for basic training tomorrow (after meps). I told myself I wouldnt cry when he left because it would be too stressful for him, but I finally broke down today before we left. He let me shave his beard for him and after that I just lost it. I not only lost my best friend, but someone I love deeply. We dont have a bad relationship now, we never fight, and everything goes perfectly. Does anyone have any advice on how to keep things strong while he is gone? With bmt being 8.5 weeks now he will be gone for 6 months, and I know it will be hard. I've been hoping he gets a cool TI who lets him call often, but I wont hold my breath. I heard they will barely get to write us. He called me tonight from MEPS to tell me he loved me one last time and that even if I dont get a letter right away I shouldnt let myself get down about it- he will be thinking about me just as much as I am thinking about him. I just need some reassurance with the holidays coming up and all I just want to know what I can expect. I feel like part of me is missing and he hasnt even been gone for 10 hours yet.

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Ik how you feel my BF is leaving next July and he hasn't left yet and I feel as though apart of me was taken....but at least you have your families support my mom keeps thinking we are going to break up when he leaves. It will be hard because we have been going on 10 months strong. I feel your pain. :(

Yeah, just like everyone says. Keeping busy is most important, especially if he gets deployed and things like that. I would suggest working out. It'll keep you from sitting around and you'll look great too.

my boyfriend and i have been dating for 8 months, but had been best friends for 5 years prior. he is 17 and i 18, (very young). he doesnt enlist until june, and then plans on leaving for basic around december. after basic he plans on doing special forces, cct. i am already very anxious about him leaving. although we are young, we are planning a future together, and are very serious about it. i have a ton of questions about being able to contact him when he leaves for basic, and then after with cct training. so as soon as he sends his address, then family and i can write letters to him as often as desired? also, some advice on how to show you support him would be much appreciated. although we talk constantly about how we know we are strong enough to get through, i want to i show him that i really mean it, and support him. and the idea of not being able to talk to him daily in some way scares me, because how do you make a relationship work if theres no communication?

My fiance' left on the 16th of November and will also graduate on the 14th of January, I feel your pain. I didn't get a phone call tonight and it sucks. Kinda like the pain I had when he left.

My boyfriend arrived to BMT on the 17th as well! Who knows, maybe they are in the same flight (: Regardless, I definitely feel the heartache of his absence, even though it has already been two weeks. He called me for Thanksgiving though, which was very unexpected, but extremely great to hear his voice. Are you going to be attending his graduation on the 14th of January?

I think I can relate. When I met my boyfriend while I was in a pretty long relationship. I had no intention of being with anyone. But when I met him in our first class together, I saw that he was an oddly amazing being. With so many talents, skills and intelligence. I dumped my ex but had no intention of being serious. Long story short we got together and I we ended up falling in love with each other. After 11 months, we broke up due to us going to different colleges. I swear exactly one year later, we got back together. I moved to Chicago while he stayed in the suburbs so we could no see each other very often. Last Saturday he was bent on coming over my house, even going as far as to ask my mom if he could spend the night. My mother agreed and I didn't know why. When he came over he told me that he'd be leaving 11/17. My hear sank. I love him so much and I don't know how I'll be able to go through this. We both have a lot of growing up to do. We're both 19 and are doing things to improve our futures. But I wanted us to grow together. I've already nearly tear in class today and I've been crying since I got home. But I am glad to hear from women going through the same thing I am.

You'll be okay I was crazy before 5 hours passed lol as time goes you'll be able to hear from him a little more, but not too much, but the little time does count, and you'll get used to him being gone, well until you go to graduation and after the three days he has to leave again it'll be like BMT all over, but you'll be able to call and talk to him when he goes to tech school, so it gets a little easier

HOORAY!! I dont know if my boy signed up for that or not. Hehe, I hope he did. :)

Your boyfriend may be going to thanksgiving with a host family for a day! 2,000 trainees from lackland are participating in operation home cooking! Maybe your boyfriend will get to call from his hosts house if he does! Mine missed the deadline to sign up by 1 day! His mom just emailed me and she got his address! I am so happy!

yeah that would be awesome, but I cant help to think, if all of our men get to call, how long will the line be to get to the phones? lol if they are allowed ALOT of people are going to want to call home. lol

I think its gotten a little easier every day. It still hurts like hell though. He thought he would be able to get to call on thanksgiving. I hope we ALL get calls!

yeah, easier is the wrong word. lol thanks hartman! You really learn just how to deal with it. So it makes it feel easier. make sense? lol i just keep my mind off it! oh sweet you got a letter already! I hope i get one from my boy soon! :) he is in the middle of week 2!

Hey! My boyfriend left for boot camp on October 28th, so he's been there for about 3 weeks. It's been really hard without him. But I got a call from him last week and one letter so far. You might not get a letter right away, so be prepared. He said they couldn't just write whenever they wanted, that they had to earn it first. I wish I could tell you it's gotten easier, but it really hasn't. I've just learned to "deal". I have the same advice as the other girls, just stay busy, as busy as you possibly can!!! And talk to us! :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! but yeah it will be hard, but trust me after that first week it starts getting alot easier. :)

Thanks for your reply! Today was easier than yesterday but I still feel so empty. And I feel like time is passing by so slowly. I keep hoping the first week will go by faster, but I know this weekend will be hard... especially since its my birthday.

Its going to feel that way for a little while but dont worry he is doing fine! :) Keep yourself busy! Hang out with girlfriends, work out, do work, schoolwork, play sports, find a hobby. All this will really help he days go by! The first week is he hardest week when they are gone, but trust me it get easier. I know everyone says that and its the most generic reply, but honestly, it does get easier. You will hear from him in no time. WRITE TONS OF LETTER TO HIM! yes it helps him get through each and it also benefits YOU. It will give you a connection to him as if you are really talking to him, just write anything that is on your mind and let your hand go! But remember keep it positive! Your bf is going through some tough stuff right now so negativity will hit him hard. Tell him how you love him, and keep his spirits high! If you need any help or have questions just ask or leave a message! I'm on everyday! My baby is in boot camp right now too, he left on Nov. 3rd. Stay strong! It will be over in no time! Just think of how great of a day it will be when you two are reunited! :)