BMT Is Over!

So I just got back from Texas.

Watching him graduate and become and official Airman was one of the most rewarding things ever! I didnt sleep the entire night before I kept telling myself tomorrow I get to see Jake! It was amazing. As soon as we were allowed on the field I ran to him and hugged him for what felt like forever! and he had base liberty until 2 and I couldnt hold his hand or kiss him till he got a town pass after 2 and I was really upset because he was so different, almost like he was broken and didnt know what to do with me. BUT as soon as we got in the car he grabbed my hand and i was THE happiest person in the world. We went out to eat and to the mall and we got our pictures in one of those photobooth things and he held on to them the entire time which really meant a lot.  Im excited that hes in tech school now because we can talk now on the phone and computer, you know when we first started dating I honestly thought it was just a rebound but wow. its scary to say that I could see us with a future. like A REAL future. I absolutely cannot wait for him to come home for Christmas! So anyone who reads this is and is having problems dealing with their Airman being gone. Trust me. Its worth it, you can do it stay strong and a good tip is to get really close to his family. If it had not been for his family right now I would be a wreck. <3

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Thank you for your experience!!!

thank you for this!

what job did he get?

my bf graduates the 12 of December and im so excited i can't wait... i was looking for answers on PDA on the base... this answers it! i didnt want to get him trouble. lol...

I wish I was close to his family. They are so spread out. I get along with his dad and step mother but they live in a different state far away. I used to get along with my bf's sister and brother-in-law (who he lived with for the past 2 1/2 years) but they started to dislike me and even tried breaking us up numerous times. They believed that we were too young to be in a relationship and they didnt want me to ruin his life (like his sister who got pregnant at 17, and is pretty unhappy with her life). I loved them so much, they were young and cool and understood everything, but once they began changing their attitudes everything changed. I never to this day understand why they blocked me out of their lives, because I am going to be in it in the future, but I have a feeling once my bf comes home for X-mas and they see that I didnt hinder his path, we will start to become closer again. It's an on and off relationship and I just wish they liked me, but in all honesty they didnt like my bf for the latter half of his stay until he joined the AF. Weird people lol. My experience at his graduation was very similar, memories I will never forget. (Hated that no PDA thing so much! My bf said that he kept grabbing for my hand because it was just natural and then he'd get really mad because he realized he couldn't hold it) When I saw him I cried and so did he. He was so different, short hair, glasses, his attitude, vocabulary, posture and whole mind set was different.

I'm so happy for you! :) Most of our guys here are on the new 8 1/2 week program. We are holding on strong but its hard. If you need anything there are alot of folks to help you out! Welcome to the group! :)