So this week has been horrible. I am on my third week without him and it is hard enough. Monday his ex girlfriend asked his brother for his address. I wrote her a message on myspace and told her she needed to back off a little. She didnt answer me until tonight, but we will get back to that. Yesterday my school had a blood drive sponsored by our ROTC program. I decided since my boyfriend was in the military I would donate. I ended up passing out and as of right now I still feel  terrible. I got out of bed to check my myspace today to see if his ex ever wrote me back and she did. She told me he always tells her he loves her and they are going to try to get stationed together and get married and have kids. FIRST OFF, MY BOYFRIEND is not like that. It upset me a little so I called his mom and she reassured me he hasn't brought her up and his ex is just trying to get a rise out of me. When I first stated dating him I told him I didn't want his ex to be a part of his life. He assured me they would be friends and only friends. I was SO mad, but I accepted it. He also told me he is not a cheater, his parents were divorced because of cheating and he will have no part of it. So I sent her an email back telling her I was going to send him the message between the both of us and she changed her story fast. She said not to tell him she talked to me and not to ever bring it up with him and she would stop trying to get with him and never talk to him again. I AM CONFUSED! Someone give me some advice. Should I tell my boyfriend what she said the next time I write? HELP ME!

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wow ugh that gets me mad when immture girls do stuff like that...they love ruining happy couples...ughhhh. drama girls! lol but honestly u shudnt bring that up, you shud either brush it off or just wait til hes settled and not going through so much cuz our Airmen go through a lot out thier...they def dont need that. it worries them and it can affect their progress out their and u wudnt want that....i got huge issues with my airmans parents...there so cruel and evil...they didnt give me his address when he was in bmt, they talk trash about me, they everything bad you can possibly think about to me...and it got to the point that i cudnt take it anymore and i told my airman while he was in bmt but he was just so out of it and just needed support and love that he didnt want to hear problems or negative things he just wsnted to hear my love and support and i love you's! lol so i strongly suggest you shud wait hun...i really doubt your bf is doing anything with that ex cuz if hes in bmt already and going through all that for you and him he wudve dropped you from hys life even before he left...but he didnt hes still with you, which to me he loves you and only wants you and to go thru this new journey together. when ever you needsumone im always here strong keep your head up! =]

I'm sorry your week was terrible hun, I agree with squadwife. I would hold onto those conversations and anything else ugly that she sends you and only show him if you absolutely have to. Since he is away right now it probably wouldnt be a great idea to tell him about it just yet. He needs to concentrate on other things, not the drama coming from his ex. I know how you feel since my mans ex pretty much did the same thing. Its childish really but your the bigger person for not getting into it with her and playing it smart :) She is just jealous because she wants to take your place and is probably angry because that isn't happening. Which in a way is a good thing because that means he loves you very much since you are still around. He will love you even more for all the support and love you give him since im sure he needs it :D If you need anything im here just shoot me a message!

Thanks guys! I feel pretty confident she is just messing with me especially since she told me not to tell him what she said. I just hope it isnt true. I am going to include how she wanted his address, but I am not going to go into specifics and tell him how glad I am that I trust him. Besides, the highlight of my week (besides the drama) was passing out when I gave blood! I think he would like that story more anyway.

BUMP HER! I wouldnt tell your boy personally cuz right now he doesnt need that kind of negativity. He is going through alot of mental and physical stress. Just forget it for now, but be aware of the ex, you now know how she is and what her character is like. Push this minor issue back, it is insignifigant with what is really going on in both you and your loved ones life right now. Do not let her discourge you, or let her get any room for confusion! What is there to be confused about? You know he loves YOU, no doubts! It is hard right now, and yes you cant hear from him to confirm that all that stuff she said it nonsense. But in your heart you truly know if it is nonsense or not. Like you said you KNOW your bf is not like that, so why worry? She is being petty and silly. Dont worry about her, worry about you my friend. Laugh it off, i mean read your own post, see how ridiculous she sounded? And how foolish she made herself to you? =) its all alright. He loves you, there is no way you are confused! keep your head up, stay strong , your almost half way there!!! :)

I'm sorry to hear youve had a orrible week. I hope te rest goes better. I would just iqnore her. Shes must just be jealous and want want you have. Keep the emails if she bothers you t much let your boyfriend see them. If not I wouldn't bother him with it.. x