Hey girls!!!!

Our 6 weeks is just about up!!! Josh graduates this Friday and ships out to tech. school on Monday! Altogether I've gotten to talk to him on the phone 4 times over the 6 1/2 weeks that he's been there. I only got 4 letters which I know you all know how frustrating that is. The last time I talked to him was on Friday. He passed his PT test during Warrior Week which was a VERY good thing because if he hadn't passed it, he would've had to stay there another 2 weeks. Like some of the other girls mentioned, he said they were gonna go shopping over the weekend for Christmas presents. He'll be going home on the 20th and staying till the 4th of January. Unfortunately, I won't be able to go to his graduation which I can't tell you how dissapointed I am about that, but I'm basically spending all the money I have to fly out there when he gets home and stay for a few weeks. His family will be there for him though so it's not like he won't have anyone there ya know? You can tell they're all really excited to graduate and get out of there. On friday when I was talking to him he was saying that they pretty much had the weekend off and then they really only had Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and then they graduate and a bunch of the guys in the backround starting screaming. LOL They're all really happy!! 

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you all for your support. I'm still gonna write of course but I just had to share the good news with you and tell you all that if I can make it, so can all of you. It's been really hard, but this excitement that I have to see him is an awesome feeling and I'm so, so proud of him. I'm flying to Georgia on Friday to spend a little over a week with my sister and then from there I'll be flying to Florida on the 22nd to see Josh and spend Christmas and New Years with him.  I hope all you girls get to hear from your men soon too. Hang in there and keep your chin up!

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I know, tell me about it! I don't think I've really smiled or laughed a whole lot since he's been gone and yesterday when we talked, I couldn't stop smiling, it was the best! :) Makes you appreciate the little things, even a simple phone call.

AWWW! <br />
That's so exciting! I'm so happy for you! <br />
I'm pretty sure I cried when I talked to Jake the first time. Gosh, I love being happy =]<br />
But I'm stoked you got to talk to him -<br />
Have THE best Christmas break EVER.

Woo hoo!! My baby is at tech. school!! We talked for over an hour on the phone while he was on the bus to tech. school. And he sent me a picture, which is the one that I put on my profile. :D Oh my gosh, I can't even explain how nice it was to finally get to talk to him for more than 5 min.!! He said a lot of the guys in his flight are missing their girls and they've all been talking to eachother about them which I thought was sweet. hehe! Anyway, just had to share the happy news with you girls. He flys home on Saturday and I fly out there a week from today!! Woo hoo!!

Bless, Congrats he made it. and thats great yu get to spend the a Holidays together.x

wonderful! Simply Wonderful! I'm so happy for you!!! hooray! See? all this flew by! And you are so much stronger for it! AIRFORCE ALL THE WAY BABY!<br />
<br />