i came back a few weeks ago from visiting my boyfriend at lackland! it was great! i had the butterflies and i felt like i was going to throw up the day that i saw him. and when i finally saw him i cried. but i couldn't greet him yet. then when they finally said we could i was like "i can go? can i go? i can see him now!?" and i walked as fast as i could to him and just hugged him and cried. it was great. obviously saying goodbye sucked, but now he has his phone and i can talk to him every night so it's not that bad. and we just found out last week that he is getting stationed at cannon afb in new mexico. and we plan on getting married when he comes home for leave so i can go live with him. i'm so excited! would anyone else happen to be going there?

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well there's really nothing exciting in cannon... My buddy that was stationed there for a 1.5 yrs said the biggest thing around there was the walmart. I kind of lucked out im at patrick in cocoa beach, FL. currently deployed

usafgirlfriend - he was only there like a week and a half before he found out where he was going. i'm still in the sad phase as well, but i just think at least i get to talk to him. :) which makes things so much easier.<br />
<br />
maegeneral - i'm nineteen and i'm currently not going to school. i flew down on tuesday and saw him wednesday - sunday. i was so mad that i could show affection! i hated that. but i snuck a few kisses here and there. :) but i as well was sooo happy to see him. my boyfriend is going to be a crew chief of the c-130's. what about yours? and good luck to you, too!

wow! congrats to your bf!!<br />
how old are you if you dont mind me asking?<br />
im 16 and still in HS<br />
my bf graduated from BMT in november<br />
i also went to lackland and it was an amazing experience<br />
i flew down for thursday, the day before he graduated and i also started crying. i just couldnt show affection though which made me mad<br />
i was just happy to see him<br />
what job is your bf going for?<br />
goodluck with everything!

I'm not, but my boyfriend graduated last weekend! I have to say that I am still in the sad phase! How far into tech school did yours find out where he was getting stationed?