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Hi everyone! I am so happy that i found this site. My boyfriend recently left for the air force. It has been a little over two weeks since he left. But the last two weeks have been a living hell. I just feel so lost without him. It is so weird going from spending my whole life with him to loosing all communication with him. I was glad to hear all the encouraging things you girls had to say. I just hope it goes by really fast, but right now it doesn't seem like its going to. I did get a phone call from him on sunday and it made my whole day and the rest of the week. We talked for like ten minutes. Should i expect more phone calls? I try to look forward to weekends hoping that he might call. but i know it is completely up in the air. He said that he wasn't allowed to send any letters which made me feel better because I got a little worried when i didn't get anything in the mail. His mom and i did figure out that we had his address wrong which sucked. When we got the postcard it didn't match up to what he said on the phone when he got to call the first time....but it was just a few letters so i hope he still gets the letters. I am just so happy that all of you girls are in my position because i sometimes feel like i'm the only one dealing with all this. It made me feel better that you guys are all making your relationships work too. If you have any other information to tell me about BMT, i'd love to hear anything!

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well thank you so much for all of your advice! i have been trying to stay upbeat and positive in letters. i just can not wait to get some in return. it is just hard not hearing anything at all and i just dwell on everything. but he graduates on march 6 and i can not wait to go and see him. i have no idea what to expect going down there. i am going to go with his mom. i just keep counting down the days. i heard it is a really cool experience to actually attend the graduation ceremonies! so i am really excited, but even more just to see him. i just worry that this will affect our relationship, but it makes it a lot better knowing that all of you girls are making everything work. You are all so strong, but i feel like all of this is just making stronger and better people out of us. from what i understand this is definitely the biggest hurdle..BMT...and after that is definitely get to communicate a lot more. will we be able to talk and text all day pretty much any time..i am confused to how that all works. thanks for all the positive comments. keep them coming. i am always here to listen to anyone and offer some advice. i am new at all of this but i am excited for it all and am trying to learn as much as possible! i wish everyone the best!

well I just got out of BMT on the 9th, lol! yes, you certainly can expect phone calls from him, but usually only one per week. he may be allowed to use the net lounge at the mini-mall too, once he gets base liberty. 1 thing; send him letters, tons and tons of letters. it makes us feel like little kids on Christmas morning, you have no idea. also know that he DOES MISS AND LOVE YOU! I assume you've got a great relationship already; It'll be SOO much better after BMT. we learn not to take anything for granted. best of luck to you :)

I know what you're going through. Just know that BMT is one of the toughest parts to overcome in my opinion due to the lack of communication. If you can get through that then the rest will be so much easier. In the beginning time crawls by so slowly but things begin just flying by in no time and you become more confident. If you keep the right mind set, this can be a good experience although it can be challenging at times. Stay strong for your man and he will do the same. As far as your letters go, I bet he will still receive the ones you sent. There are always a lot of mistakes on addresses in the beginning but they're usually able to sort through them. As long as you had the basic idea they should find their way to him. You probably won't know for a while though because letters take several days each way and sometimes a TI doesn't allow much time for them to reply. Hang in there. They'll come eventually. Don't let the lack of communication bring down your spirit. It's not your man's fault. I guarantee that he wants to talk to you just as much as you do. In your letters I suggest that you tell him that you miss him but don't dwell on it too much because you don't want to upset him. I guarantee that he's already missing you and he already has a lot on his mind. Don't complicate things even more for him. Keep your letters fairly simple in the beginning. Talk about things that are going on back home. It may seem boring to you but he'll love to have some link to the outside world since his life has been turned around. I also suggest that you include pictures in your letters. Keep them simple and sweet (and appropriate LOL). Remind him of some of the things you did together to cheer him up. Always remember that other eyes will see them beside him. You don't want to get him in trouble with his TI. Ummm....oh, if he's a sports fan, send him some scores. He and his friends will love it....and if a cute new song comes out that reminds you of him send him the lyrics. Most of the guys miss music so much while they're away. It could brighten his day. Once you get through BMT and he heads to tech school, he'll get more and more freedom as time goes by so just hang in there. I've been dealing with all of this for about 5 months now so I'd be happy to answer any questions that you have for me. God bless

i know exactly how you are feeling. me and my boyfriend pretty much spent every waking moment together and now that he is so far away, i don't know what to do with my time. i hate it. he left Monday so i still have a while to go. when does your boyfriend graduate? and are you going??

my boyfriend graduated BMT on Jan. 2 and is in tech school right now at Lackland.<br />
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Even though he can't send letters back home to you.. don't be upset and ALWAYS KEEP SENDING LETTERS TO HIM! i can't say it enough when letters from back home helps trainees get through BMT. but don't write how much you miss him and want him home bc he'll feel like he made a wrong choice of joining the Air Force. Just support him and tell him how proud you are of him. <br />
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And your man and his flight get to call home on their patio breaks when they are doing their job and pleasing the T.I and/ or if their T.I decides to leave early they will get the chance to do what they want. So to your question YES! Always expect phone calls.. because you will get one or two someday and at sometime..usually at night around 7 or 8. you have no idea what a great feeling it is to get those suprise phone calls every now and then! Just keep your head up! we're all here if you need more advice!