Found Out His Duty Station....

So my boyfriend is in Lackland for Tech School and he found out yesterday where he was going to stationed at.

and i found out that it was going to be Germany. Yes, Germany.
i cried my eyes out last night and felt awful and scared. But then i realized when i woke up this morning that i love this man so much that no matter where he ends up getting stationed at isn't going to stop me from continuing to being with him.

Yes, the 8 1/2 weeks was painful and hard.. but we both overcame that. The time he is in Tech School right now is painful and hard... but we're still both overcoming this too. I know that saying good bye to him at the airport when he leaves for Germany will be the hardest of them all, but I take it day by day and I know that we will be able to overcome that. I know and accept that all things happen for a reason and i have no regrets at all. Being in a long distance and a military relationship is so hard but the reward you get at the end is what makes it all worth it.

So hang in there ladies. If you love your man the way i love mine.. you will be there for him always and love him all the way, wherever the future leads you two. So don't give up, don't lose hope, don't stop praying, and keep your head up high. Life will throw challenges your way.. but take it and overcome it, that way at the end you can receive the greatest prize which is the love of your life.

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3 Responses Jan 22, 2009

wow germany!<br />
goodluck to your airman and congrats<br />
i do love my airman like you love yours<br />
im in PA and my bf is in CA<br />
so all the way across the country<br />
im always going to be there for him<br />
goodluck with everything<br />
if you ever want to talk just message me =]

OMG! I loved your story. It was extremely touching and I couldn't agree with you more. I was in the same exact situation that you're in now. My airman actually was told a couple weeks ago that he would be stationed in Germany. I was so crushed when he told me the news. I got extremely lucky because he was able to trade with a classmmate. He will now be stationed in California. I couldn't be more excited. I'm planning to go to college nearby so I can see him on a regular basis. You have an amazing outlook on everything so I know that you will be strong enough to get through this. I know that your relationship will grow stronger and stronger by the day as well. I agree that although the experience is tough, it's definately worth it. Everything will turn out in the end because everything does happen for a reason. We're just along to enjoy the ride that fate and destiny have in store for us. God bless

wow germany i cant imagine. have you two been together for a long time? what is his career? the recruiter told my boyfriend that he would most likely be stationed in i really hope that happens. i've always wanted to go to best friend was actually born on a base there. she talks about it all the time lol. do you find tech school to be easier than BMT? does he get more freedom? hang in there you are an inspiration.