Day 20

 Day 20 and still no letters---rawr


sould probably mention that ive gotten 2 letters since i posted this :) yay!!!!

AFgirlfriend45645 AFgirlfriend45645
4 Responses Feb 9, 2009

you got two letters!!! =DDDD

I didn't get any until the 4th week, so don't get down yet. I was mad but then got three on one day and felt really bad for being mad at him because it wasn't his fault. It all depends on the TI.

i got one 23 days into basic. They have to earn the privilege to write letters. Don't get discouraged though!

i'm glad you made a group. i got tired of seeing "am girlfriend/wife of a marine".....i just started a group for Navy support. i said that there are other branches out there too. but i'm sorry you haven't got a letter yet :(