Can't Break From You Girls

Hey ladies. I am technically not an Airforce girlfriend/fiance. My baby got medically discharged. Long story and I really dont want to explain it really unless you ask and then i will.  He will be home hopefully on Tuedsay and I am going to pick him up at the airport. he was suppose to be home earlier but they lost his discharge papers. i am so happy for all your airman and you girls for making it through the Air Force crap. but I dont really have respect for the Air Force at the moment. They have put Matt through alot of stuff and forced him to sign things that were not true. I still will be proud to say that Matt made it through the "tough" part of BMT and will never be disappointed in him. If you want to know the whole story about what happend i will explain.

Happy Valentines Day! Hope you got a letter, card, phone call, flowers, whatever from your men!

<3 lyndsey


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thank you. i'll be sure to keep in touch =]

thanks. i am here for any of you if you need someone to talk to. :D

Wow! JK. I already knew that. Well I'm so excited for the two of you. Congrats again :)

we dont know when the wedding is. we haven't been able to start planning it cuz he is still in Texas...

at least you wont have to go through the stress anymore and that you'll be able to plan the wedding =] goodluck with everything!! im sorry that matt got discharged. he must be heart broken, but tell him thank you for what he did. he still helped our country

That's so exciting. When is the wedding again? I'm so happy for you :)

thank you so much! now we get to start planning our wedding!

im sorry he got discharged :( but at least he gets to come home to you and your support! saying a prayer for him :)