so, as i mentioned in my last post, my boyfriend found out he is getting stationed in new mexico. we plan on getting married asap so i can move out there with him. but i have no idea what to do with the whole moving thing. it's out first move so i'm unsure of how everything works out. anyone have any advice? it would be greatly appreciated. :) thanks!

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2 Responses Feb 16, 2009

I have no advice, but my boyfriend got stationed in Japan for 24 months. I hope it works out for you!

hire a moving company lol. <br />
---but seriously i think what i would do first is go through everything you're bringing out there and make a list of it all (that way you'll know exactly what you brought and you'll know whats missing if you cant find something).---ive moved like every year since ive been in college and what i like to do is PACK EVERYTHING IN CLEAR PLASTIC BOXES and mark on the side of the box a list of everything that is in there. and make sure you're putting SIMILAR ITEMS IN THE SAME BOX, dont just throw stuff together. it will help you unpack easier and you wont have to open a billion boxes to find your sheets, you'll just be able to see them right there. and it depends how you're traveling but what i usually do is lay a sheet out on my bed and take out all my hanging clothes (leave them on their hangers) and lay it out on top of the sheet--then just tie each corner together. that way you dont have a box of hangers and you can keep your clothes from getting wrinkled--hanging bags work the same way.