Thanks to Everyone

I've found that in my boyfriend leaving his parents have been taking care of me in ways that he normally did. Making sure that I am eating, getting out of the house, and having someone to talk to even when I don't really want to talk. They have started been asking me to come out more and more and though I would love to they live over an hour from me and the drive is just so lonely. Not to mention when I pull into their driveway and see his car I immediately begin to cry. I miss going for rides and the long conversations we would have while he drove. In finding that I have his family I have found that I am starting to belong to yet another family. The USAFgirlfriends'. This seems to be a tight knit group who is always there if you want to talk even if you just need someone to listen to your problems. I love that I have found different outlets in this time of need right now. I know he is being taken care of and has a lot to keep him busy but as for me, my friends are away at school and I commute so it's very difficult to get together. I have found comfort in talking to other women who are going through the same thing as me or have gone through this already. 

  I find that I have more trouble as time goes on because thinking about how slowly time seems to be passing is causing me to think that the next two months will never pass. I guess that's typical, I'm glad to have people to talk to and thank you all again. Please know that I am also here though I can't really answer any questions though I have many. I'm really hoping that the next few weeks go quickly, he's in week 1 I believe I'm not entirely sure how their weeks go, I took a guess they started on Mondays but I may be wrong. I know that this pain will pass, and that he is missing me also, but I long for the first letter, and I will continue to send him letters day by day in hopes that he will receive my words of hope as well as showing him just how proud of him I am. I keep telling him how proud of him I am, how he is my hero, and how I miss him terribly. I'm trying to keep his moral up in hopes that he will know that I am here waiting for him. 

  I guess the only fear that I have is that I have had many friends who have dated marines and army men, they have all been cheated on and I fear that there is a chance of that happening to us, I know that he is an honorable man and that I trust him completely, but I have my fears sometimes. Yet with all the conversations I have had with other girlfriends of USAF men it seems that this is the branch that actually stays pretty loyal. I can't wait for my Don to come home, I miss him so much as I'm sure every one of the other women on here miss their men. I'm here just as the others are if anyone needs someone to talk to. I love my airman, and I am proud to say that I am a USAF girlfriend!! not to mention I just bought a bunch of USAF girlfriend shirts off of, they have some great ones on there is anyone is looking for new shirts, sweatshirts, or tank tops! 

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hehe, I've bought stuff from there too! I love being surrounded by the thought of him and I am so proud of him!!! If you have any questions feel free to ask, odds are at least one of us will be able to answer if not all of us ;) I've been through it airman graduates from Tech in 4 days, so I know what BMT and Tech is like for the most part...